I marched because i can.

i march for my girls.

i marched for my mother, for my sisters, for my friends for the all the other women who i haven’t seen or met.

i marched because some couldn’t march.

i marched for the underprivileged woman and the privileged.

it’s called solidarity.

and no, i did not march to promote abortions. if you’re one of those people who believes this march was about that, then you’re not fully informed. (being pro-choice does not mean we promote abortions!)

i marched for unity, gender equality, for equal rights, and woman’s rights are human rights !! i want to keep and protect those rights! without our marches and protests we would not have come this far. all we are saying is we want to promote and support all efforts for women’s equality , protection, health care, safety worldwide! we matter! that’s what this march was about.
when we stand up for equality here in our cities, we stand up for everyone. for the u.s., for all countries! this was a worldwide march.
we gotta do something. anything… to be heard.

i don’t preach… but this is more detailed here!




So... Nothing. That's it.

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