the vices, the pleasures, the habits and the undisclosed desires

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

we all have them. not necessarily bad or good or ugly… but we have our little desires and quirks..

dinner for one. dark skin (grapes) and deep fried (papas)

when we do things with not much effort …when we run on automatic, you know,  without thinking about it… and do it long enough until it becomes a habit, a ritual, a vice and pleasurable something something. hopefully without hurting anyone or hopefully not getting hurt yourself. get there faster...


we often have dreams and goals… we can make those habits too. or we can make day-dreaming and making unrealistic goals a habit. that is easy to do too.  but it’s an awful feeling … the feeling of unfulfillment, of something lingering and unaccomplished, of failure…

my next assignment.

so… where was i? habits. pleasures… yespleasures!
keep the good ones, and the fun ones, and the ones that fill you…fill every part of you….and the naughty ones but makes the naughty ones nice and don’t talk to anyone about them. the word will get around and your secret will be , well, out. told. so be careful.
but you can tell me. i won’t tell a soul. promise.

player vs player.

holiday bleus...
a simple note to you:
an (anonymous)  undisclosed desire to want to see someone– to charge and move everyone out of the way just to get to that someone (or something like that…)

¡charge!, originally uploaded by ¡Laura!.

“hello. how are you?…”, originally uploaded by ¡Laura!.


...but i won't call you.

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