unconditional love – international day of the girl

i know…well, i mean, i guess….
when you see your children, you feel this treu love for them. you live each day loving them without any expectations. you not only enjoy , you celebrate your children’s existence…their personhood.
every day, nothing they  say or do will ever make us stop loving them… not the roll of the eyes, times they walk away or slam a few doors here and there, not the times when they stomp their feet so powerful, they shake the whole house….No, nothing will ever make you stop loving them.
it’s so awesome to feel that way about another being.
two little girls… i will always make sure you know you are in a safe place with me. always have a safe place to come to.

so ,  when i see my girls helping each other…
walking slowly and with caution to help the other…
when i see this… i feel some kind of overflowing of happiness. so much so that it pours out of me and i feel sick to my stomach almost to the point of nausea. it’s treu. i do.
it’s sickening….this love i have for my  girls.

happy international day of the girl. xx besos!

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