Um, party of one.

there’s always room for breakfast.
well, sometimes, there’s just not time for it.

breakfast can be something to look forward to. you go to bed and think…hmmm… what am i going to do tomorrow? what exciting thing am i going to come up with in the morning? who’s going to like this or that? and what does everyone feel for?

but , when you can’t figure it out… well, at least you know you’ll have breakfast.
and, even if it’s not the most gourmet, or  the most leisurely breakfast and you find yourself eating in your car, you still look forward do it because, well, how else will you conquer the day without it?
and, you just need to eat well, alone or otherwise. :)

so, this… makes me think…they say when you eating at the table you’re either happy, or  in love, or w alone, or a child.  i read that somewhere.
they also say that when you dine alone it’s a little sad… (can that be treu?)
but, i think you have to be content and love yourself and your current position and condition to be happy eating alone.
sometimes when we see someone eating alone we think:

  • is she from out of town
  • beautiful thing called solitude.
  • that’s sad, eating by himself.
  • aaah, some peaceful alone time
  • hmm, she’s traveling.

and, i’m sure more thoughts..
but, we’re humans and eating alone  in some places and some instances seems odd. eating is like nurturing.
i think we eat meals with family and friends but we’re not taught to eat alone. (in most cases!). Maybe it’s an american thing? I don’t know?

Personally i’d eat a sandwich in between classes when i was in school. and on the occasion that i was able to take an hour or so before my next class, i’d go to the campus cafe and sit and eat by myself. but in those times i’m not sure ‘alone’ counts as so many other students were doing the same. i don’t know.

eating dinner alone at a restaurant: i’ve done that , but at the bar area.
never at a white tablecloth and linens kind of table. i don’t remember doing that!
But that’s a bit of a shame…maybe?

I think, for me,  eating is definitely social. a communal event or activity. it’s a culture thing to gather around the kitchen and talk about what we’re making or eating. and I’ll be the first to say , “taste this. it’s sooo good..”, but learning to really enjoy a good meal at a restaurant with solely your own company is a bit like an empowering experience.
You can sit quietly and comfortably and nourish your mind and body, right?
Eating alone, doesn’t mean you don’t have friends, and you’re out of touch,  or that your social standings are falling.
Truth be told, eating alone is a little different and almost like a treat…just you and your imagination. maybe.


“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as
six impossible things before breakfast.”

–the queen in ThroughThe Looking Glass…lewis carroll–





i just find pleasure in solitude. somedays.
Anonymity and solitude. The latter is not rarely possible these days. :)



So... Nothing. That's it.

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  1. I like breakfast. It’s my favorite thing.

    1. Author

      hi.. i like breakfast food. thanks for dropping by. :)

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