things i wish i had known or at least listened to or at least heard more than once when i was a teen.

things i wish i had known or at least listened to or at least heard more than once when i was a teen or 14 or 18 or …now.

so, here you go, bou and peanut. meaningful non sense… a list-letter from mama…

(and  in case you think some of my items on my list are the same, you know, repeated… it might have been because i ran out of ideas  or because i am forgetful)

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  1. stay curious. 
  2. have goals…but ultimately you should venture off to “happy!”. happy inside and out. 
  3. don’t take life or yourself too seriously. seriously. don’t.
  4. remember you have choices and it is your right (and your duty)  to make good make choices. 
  5. it’s okay to question authority. 
  6. do not wear a mask (unless it’s for carnival or halloween, etc..) . Just be you…YOU in all your natural loveliness and your moodiness.
  7. try to let love be your religion. 
  8. respect people and their beliefs, but follow your heart and your gut.
  9. it’s okay to laugh at yourself once in a while because you are not perfect. laugh with yourself , too.
  10. don’t be so hard on yourself or others. nobody’s perfect. no. body. 
  11. some things are handed to you. but, your success isn’t one of them. work for it. it feels good.
  12. give back. but don’t break your back nor your bank for giving too much. give enough, but give something.
  13. boys will break your heart. you will break the heart (s) of someone who cares deeply about you. the latter feels worse. so, be careful. play fair.
  14. if you called him, texted him, emailed him, knocked on his door and he has not returned your messages, you need to stop! he knows how to find you if he wanted to.
  15. there will be people you care about who hurt you. cry and get up and dust yourself offpush forward. 
  16. forgiving is okay. but don’t be a doormat. (deleting hurtful people/jobs etc is okay)
  17. don’t dumb yourself down for any boy. for any body. you’re too smart for that!
  18. live within your means and with pride but not arrogance.
  19. you will fall (figuratively speaking). you will. but get back up and get moving‘. you’re not an exception. dust yourself off and kick your own butt and keep goin’, baby.
  20. you will fall. (literally speaking) be careful. (you are your mother’s child!)  So, wear the right shoes.  :)

  21. it’s okay to ask for help.
  22. if you feel something’s wrong, then, some thing is wrong. trust me. intuition! 
  23. don’t waste your life on  trying to “fix” him. you’re not a miracle worker.  
  24. live with intuition and with your heart.
  25. there are bad and mean people in this world. please don’t be one of them.
  26. every chance you get , tell your family and friends you appreciate them and love them. 
  27. be honest to yourself and others.
  28. be true to yourself and others.
  29. stop worrying about what others think. this will only limit you and your potential…oooh, the possibilities.
  30. push yourself. push hard and you will find how amazing you are and how really awesome you can make others feel. (i don’t like to over use the word “amazing”..but i think you’re amazing!)
  31. live each day with confidence and live the way you want to live.
  32. life is hard.  but, life is also wonderful!
  33. find wonderful things in the simplest of things. 
  34. be thankful for all that you have.
  35. cherish little things and little moments in all your days.
  36. take fotos and more fotos and share them and your thoughts.
  37. inspire others.
  38. love but,  love strong and hard. it feels awesome. LOVE! But…love hurts. it totally burns when others hurt you. 
  39. time heals and helps. hard to believe but it’s true.  time can be friendly.
  40. don’t worry about little things. life is way too short and before you know it, it’s gone. 
  41. take chances.
  42. be healthy. healthy body, healthy mind. 
  43. be adventurous. road trips and digging in the dirt are fun.
  44. get out of your comfort zone and try new things. 
  45. own a convertible or a jeep. it’s fun. feels goooooood.
  46. don’t let others define your happiness, or your self-worth. 
  47. give a hand. 
  48. accept help.
  49. don’t become jaded. try not to. it sucks. gah! it sucks.
  50. don’t drive drunk.  NEVER! NEVER ever. 
  51. always have at least 10$ in your pocket. 
  52. don’t put yourself or others in harms way. 
  53. be careful to whom you tell your secrets to. 
  54. there will be times when you’re the only person you can count on. secrets are best kept by you. 
  55. choose your friends wisely and cherish them.
  56. stand up for the things you believe in.
  57. you will question your country and your faith or lack of… it’s okay. question things!! 
  58. limit your cynicism. (well, try)
  59. cynics aren’t always smart. (sometimes , they just sing the bleus.)
  60. smile. 
  61. when you hear “flawless beauty”, remember, “Beauty” is in the inside, beautiful! 
  62. natural charm and wit will get you far. 
  63. boys are boys. even when they are men.
  64. wait for a man who makes you smile all the time. an honest man. a good man. a good person. a true person. he’s out there. wait for him. power to the good people of the world. 
  65. age is important but it doesn’t rule.
  66. before you drink, make sure you have had enough water. stay hydrated so you don’t wipe away the toxins.
  67. when you have an ice cream craving at 2 in the morning, it’s okay. get to the freezer and treat yourself !
  68. it’s okay to lose your reason once in a while. walking aimlessly is okay sometimes. lose the white robe, though.
  69. it’s okay to be a free sprit and care free but not careless. 
  70. learn from your circumstances… from  your heart aches and falls. accept and learn but don’t repeat your mistakes. 
  71. avoid toxic people and toxic drugs. they will only make you vomit and frail.
  72. apologize when you’ve done something wrong. don’t assume people forget. say sorry when needed. 
  73. it’s okay to cry.
  74. it’s okay to sleep in.
  75. don’t ever turn on your friends. don’t choose bad friends. (lose the bitches and the bastards!.)
  76. watch your language
  77. limit your profanity
  78. we live in hollywood, but no need for unnecessary drama. keep it real, yo! 
  79. Be polite.
  80. there’s always a cause- find a good cause.
  81. some times less is more…. it’s freedom
  82. appreciate the days. the whole day. all day. every day.
  83. sunrises give you a natural high. a boost. get up early once in a while …get up with the sun!
  84. don’t look for validation from others. if you recognize and accept who you truly are, then you will be truly “known” by others and there is no need for validation. just be you. the true and beautiful you.
  85. care about the quality of your life and how you spend it, rather than  the money you spend on things  or shopping. care about your environment. (you (the people) don’t have another earth to go to if this  one is pretty shitty)
  86. oh, and another thing:  i know we’re all wanting to be ‘cool’ but, guess what? it’s better to  be laid back and vulnerable and hot and passionate about life and all it’s goodness. be free and naked (but with your clothes on, for goodness sake!) and see all the damn good things this small world has. love ! love it from your gut. 
  87. go with your flow…and occasionally with the rest of the flow.  

mama :)



i might have repeated a few.



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