the vanishing lofty dreams to hold you up


When you got something to hold you up, it’s comforting.
When you got something that holds you back, it’s a burden.
When you got something to hold down, it’s exhausting.
When you talk and talk and hold forth, it’s tedious.
When you give, and give and finally hold out, it’s unnatural.
When you can’t express yourself freely, and you need to hold it in, it’s discouraging.
When you wait and wait, and you hold off, it’s uncertain.
When you ponder and exhale, and you hold on, it’s reassuring.

And when things don’t work out as planned, you gotta get a firm hold on yourself (and say, ‘fuck it!’) and well, keep going.
Start here.
And, hold your own.

Because you don’t have to dream huge, you only have to dream and make dreams happen.

.or something like this :)
Sometimes, I’m, like, a total dork. Hee.

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