the nonsensical sugar and spice rant…(not to be confused with hey, baby)

terms of endearment…
overused. i. feel. you. have. said. too. much. to. everyone. else. bah.
so okay… I hate it. i HATE it. it truly bothers me. and i’m not sure it needs to bother me this much.
i have a friend (yes, a friend) who calls her loved one “adorno”. because he is a handsome ornament. he’s called her a few sweet terms of endearment including: mujer asombrosa, mujer maravillosa, and a few others (i understand are too heartbreaking to mention). He kisses her in ways that one might kiss a child or grand daughter… on the forehead on the tip of the nose. and of course he kisses her romantically and passionately, as well… as he should and as they both like. but… BUT! he also says “mujer asombrosa” and kisses the tip of the nose of his other female friends (i’m certain for sure… as i’ve seen it accidentally with my own two eyes). AND…he hugs them as long and as hard as he would her. Now, ok… (for a lack and care of other words) that’s just damn freaky and weird and not in the good way , mr good-looking. OK, so he doesn’t call them corazon de melon (at least we’ve never heard him (yet)) and he doesn’t kiss them romantically (she’d like to think !!) BUT what the f**k?

THEN… then he’s called the females “yes dear”. “dear” to me sounds phony and unoriginal…what kind of crap is that? what a damn joke. gag me !! gag!!!!! gag.
phew…ok so “dear” doesn’t count or matter as it is a common term… so scratch the last complaint.

My other friend (yes, another friend who if reading this, will kill me later) who’s husband calls her “my beautiful” as in “how was your day my beautiful?”. Then, one day, she was sobbing with disappointment and sadness … We learned that he called one of her (best) girlfriends (yes, her own friend) “my beautiful” as in “hey, good to see you again my beautiful…” excuse me? what is THAT? oh no he did not?! yes. he did. sadness indeed. and yes her heart missed a beat and her jaw dropped a bit…

if you’re going around calling everyone the standard “sweetie or cutie or babe or hon (and dear …let’s not forget dear)… well that’s already very common and you may simply be a typical person who lacks any creativity and that’s okay and understood. it’s not your fault you’re limited. But if you’re a more creative and “romantic” being, then you’re expected to keep your image and reputation and creativity by having one nickname per person or reserve a SPECIAL nickname just for your significant other. damn you!

all i’m saying is, (and i’ll probably change my mind or won’t care tomorow…), if you have a special nickname for someone (male or female) i feel it should be kept sacred and not overused. it makes you more charming and less usual. and it certainly makes your SO feel (let’s face it) more special.

get with it honey… get with it.

/less important rant, vomit.

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