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Well, I was thinking.
Nothing significant, nothing original, nothing that hasn’t been already said here and there and in other places.

Should I color my hair?  I mean, my gray is showing, what the hell?! but then I thought, I like gray hair, and wrinkles.
But, not on me.
The wrinkles, I’ll take. The gray hair, not so much. :)


...and that's the way it is. i am. nothing short of almost fancyful. :)

And that’s the way it is.
I am.
Nothing short of almost fancyful. :)


Ahem, yes, I was thinking: WOW!, we go through, and, seamlessly, pass from one stage to another, in life. I mean. Hee.

Mostly, most times we don’t even recall or recognize we’ve stepped into a new stage until that day- the day we realize our life perspective and point of view, our priorities, our daily lives have changed.
if we’re lucky we do recognize it. all of it. or , at least,  some of it.
(we may have to be (or at least think) 4-dimensional. but that may be an exaggeration. maybe.)
Some of us will skip some stages, some of us will repeat them. I don’t think it’s by our own choice. it just happens. (well- i guess , it can be by choice- but that’s debatable and i don’t want to debate, ugh) AND,  the lucky ones will experience them all – all the stages no matter of how your life takes its route. it doesn’t matter of the paths you take, clean or the ones with more dirt! (ooooh, dirt! fun….)
Our life maps-out and that’s that- The stages will still be there.
no. matter. what.

We go from: (i’m a female….so..it’s a female pov, clearly)


this is a little beyond being a girl (child/ girlhood) but before womanhood, motherhood or an older wise seasoned mavin (!).
(Some of us were mavins when we were 15 years old. It’s a blessing and a curse. But that’s another daily note for another day).
This is when we ‘know’ how to love, and work, and live, and laugh and work some more. We are free of real responsibilities (generally speaking, of course). We make our choices, and we (subconsciously)  know that there are so many opportunities for us. Infinite, it seems. There’s a whole world with endless paths of possibilities right in front of us, waiting. And they’re just for us. A whole map. Geography.
The person (woman) we are meant to become, starts forming, and we begin to make (good and bad) consequential choices that will affect the rest of our lives. We begin to make our way with or without someone’s help. Hopefully with support from mentors and parents, but in either case, it’s time to grow up, lil’ piggie.
We do it.
And we begin the glorious trip to womanhood. (I’m sure with more drama, but you get the gist, no?)

Mothers or Not.

Some of us we become parents while others won’t. We will have more expenses and or responsibilities with children or with none. Some of us will travel. Some will be more carefree. Some will be quite maternal. With motherhood comes magical and brutal moments and sleepless nights, and wondrous times, and somehow you forget so much because it all happens faster than you can imagine. And poof!, as fast (and as memorable and sometimes damaging) as lighting.

Suddenly (sooner than we want to admit) we become connoisseurs,

aficionados, fucking Mavens, dammit! :)

Yes, at this stage and point in our lives (or, so I’m told. Hee) when we know what we’re doing, and we know what we’re talking about. We are comfortable in our skin, (less ironed and smooth as it may be!). But we don’t really worry about our outer beauty so much as we are concerned with the inner being. (but, believe me, i like my lipstick!) Sure, we care about our health more than ever, but it doesn’t hurt to to make our lips smooth and kissable.  As much as we make an effort to take care of the inside, we like our shoes, too. …Boots or pumps or tennis. But we re-arrange our priorities…  joy and happiness is just what it is… the moment, the simple things. We nurture ourselves and look and find what makes us who we are and what our best qualities are. We shine and glow and shimmer all at the same time. We reach a stage where all we want is to spread a little joy and hopefully have words of wisdom, like a

mentor or a shoulder to lean on or a listening ear or an advisor.

And we giggle and look at the young people and reminisce, yet when we reach this “FUCK YEA!”, stage, we don’t pretend to be that young, again,  nor do we want to be. We leave that for the next generation.  We’re just happy we’re leaving our mark (if we haven’t already left it!) and just happy to be enjoying and taking in the moments while we’re here.
Though, I don’t understand why some of us aren’t like this already even in our twenties, I do understand that our stages and time alive makes us aware and experienced… and somehow (if we haven’t already done something along the way) we feel like we need to give something back and leave  a mark in this world. Leave footprints.   Some of us, in our maven stage,  or our wise advisor stage, turn to charity, some to travel, some turn to teaching, some to the arts, some of us become grandparents and tell our rich stories to our grandchildren, some turn to extreme outdoor challenges, etc..
At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what we ‘turned’ to, the greatness is to want it and that we do it. We’re ready to erupt like volcanoes, and we’re full of passion and ardent desires, and we’re just like animals wanting to leave our mark, our scent, our footprints on earth. We feel like we were born to love and have a mission to accomplish and leave somethings behind, some wisdom with roots attached (maybe, for sure!). And we do it assertively with ease and with smiles because we know that each experience has brought us a kind of wisdom. We’re full of common sense and good judgment (or, so, I hear).

And we’re anxious to see new generations blossom and are eager to help them succeed without pushing our unsolicited (yet, very valuable) advice because, with our unhidden confidence, our strength is recognizable. There’s no stopping us now. We’re a force to be reckoned with, kids. Or at least we feel like we are. (But, dammit, we are!)…

Because, in this stage, we are at peace and we’re content, and we carry a certain calm inside. (It’s called evolving! Or something.)

(It’s the weather and the short days and something, something. That’s the culprit to my mood)

I was going to say I’d correct typos and grammar, etc. but I never do. I say it and don’t do it. So, meh, pardon me. :)

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