i love words. and there are a few magnets in the world.

…and i don’t speed read. i tend to re-read and contemplate over words…over and over… and over. i like to pay close attention to each sentence and hear what you’re saying and writing. i like to know what is going on in your world. whether i read your narratives or letters or texts or messages or stories… …well, they paint a picture in my head. and if i look at a foto it tells me a story… i take a while to look at things. i take a while to…

a word or two

The words we carry…The words that carry us… i miss. i miss. you? magic. wow. stay. let go. learn. fear. step. sleep. smile often. breathe. fuck off. disruption. forget. sit. imagine. more. beautiful. disgruntled again. funny. again. love. high. climb. repeat. play. cry. teach. we have words to say and we want words to be said to us.