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Haiku #13

  (it sucks to feel useless…i don’t recommend it. :) why is that…we’re smart, well rounded and well educated people with back bone and history and a bright future and a ton of accomplishments…and yet we feel useless.. Gah! i…

the tactile words in the elevator (video) 11

(blank*) tears** you apart*** because it’s real even when, sadly, it’s too short pulls** lifts** high*** love* life* elevators*   raspy parched smooth polished translucent oaky     Tears and pulls in the elevator.   A  raspy voice says, going up.   Next time, we…

Haiku #8

I pretend you’re here. Let you gracefully follow. Will you walk with me ?  

haiku #7

A movable life. Exploring, new adventures. Keep going, don’t stop now.      

haiku #5

i’ve seen paradise. can’t decide if it’s worth it. the foolish see it.

Haiku #3

at the parking garage…was pretty empty and a haiku flows out…   oh, she knocked them dead. all she had was a red truck. keep the car idling?  

haiku #2

on the 6th floor and a haiku flows out.  looking straight at you i have not been too impressed? do you plan to change?  

haiku #1

today’s morning run (5) i knew i would trip sometime (7) i hope no one saw (5)       (i hate being limited. gah! grrrr)     but i can fall…through (5) a door. or a window. and (7) stumble and maybe (5)(warning:…