the tactile words in the elevator (video) 11

(blank*) tears** you apart*** because it’s real even when, sadly, it’s too short   pulls** lifts** high*** love* life* elevators*   raspy parched smooth polished translucent oaky     tears and pulls in the elevator.   a  raspy voice says, going up.   next time, we take the stairs.   (shoes and faces. and scents and smiles. because dozens of words are visible from one floor to the next. in the elevator. in my head. )  

haiku #1

today’s morning run (5) i knew i would trip sometime (7) i hope no one saw (5)       (i hate being limited. gah! grrrr)     but i can fall…through (5) a door. or a window. and (7) stumble and maybe (5)(warning: limitless haiku…) land at your kitchen table (5) and have some coffee.(7) (it’s like a double treat haiku. that’s a tuesday! full of treats!) instead of mourning (5) the sunless cool foggy day (7) we can dream and play. (5) (haikus can rhyme too. yay!) tuesday would be best (5) if you’re…