(six word story #7) dark and dreary and hopelessly cheery.

i hate you. damn, i hate you. but , fuck, you’re handsome in those pants and in that shirt and… …well… i raise my glass to you and your , ahem, love, because,  well… there are trophies and then there are rewards. and then… there are the simple high fives… and i high five you, ahem, and your love. now, get the hell away from me (and my drink)… /insanity of love and other poets       (hee. just kidding. i like you. i even brought her flowers.)

the color of your heart

the flowers are drying. Alex and Marina got them at Trader J’s …. we put them in a watering can and set them down on the homemade table. they made the table look better. :) (note: (Eeeek!) the table base will change so that it doesn’t look space-ship-y)     but the flowers are drying now. i like it. i like their texture and their scent. but the petals are falling. and falling. So, Dani made a heart. that’s what she does. she makes hearts. or shapes of hearts. ….and …it’s…

Monday, July 6 International Kissing Day 2015

but… today, June 19 is National Kissing Day? Where? what Nation? and when is French Kissing Day ? Have you read this ? Neil Young’s 461-Word Letter to Donald Trump and Corporate America “I do not trust self serving misinformation coming from corporations and their media trolls. I do not trust politicians who are taking millions from those corporations either.” so,   when i saw this article …i wanted to kiss neil young. muah. i don’t like politics…. but i always wanted to say “Donald Trump, you’re fired. AND your hair sucks”. But instead……

stretching the days

when they’re bright… they deserved to be stretched….a little. the days… and sometimes when the stars are brighter than usual…but too far… we bring them down to us. and sometimes when the clouds are thick and low… you want to climb up and float…. you should float. it’s pretty awesome… edit: 7-8-15 (my math for today) i climbed down from my cloud, finally. i got hungry. i ate some clouds… they made me vomit all over the place i think it smelled like rain. /poetic throw-up