sometimes i doodle.

Sometimes i doodle on the “MEMO” app on my fone. i take notes, too. but i doodle a lot..with my finger…
just for kicks and for …well, nothing. for nothing.

Le Petit Prince. because,  well, rest in peace prince. and i like le petit prince… so this is what i had in mind when i heard  the news on the radio this morning that prince was dead. i pictured prince as let petit prince with the birds…hee. i like prince’s music. always have.


let petit prince meets prince  doodle lala i like prince. and le petit prince. :)
rest in peace prince.
i couldnt take another hour of day light. hoot hoot  doodle lala not sure what this was about… but it was relevant. :)
 fancy tea time  doodle lala fancy tea time.
circus day dreams  doodle lala night circus dreams.
my queendom  doodle lala my queendom
selfie  doodle lala selfie with flower.
groovy  doodle lala the groovy bell bottom bleus me:)
edgar poe dancer doodle lala when i was trying to make it as dancer and a poet. hee.
anchors away  doodle lala going nowhere. with a hostage. :)
fly away doodle lala wait. for. me.
i can fly doodle lala i can fly, damnit.
grrr  doodle lala the angry me.
besitos  doodle lala the loving me. :)
behind bars  doodle lala behind bars and he vomits.
he's sick  doodle lala i think i made him sick. oh no.
postcards from paradise  doodle lala postcard
i win!  doodle lala dreaming of the l.a. marathon. i guess i thought it’d get a balloon and not a medal. hee :)
 cluck cluck doodle lala i want eggs.
 doodle lala too much coffee too much coffee not enough sleep?


So... Nothing. That's it.

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