Sometimes, you may feel disabled,
and you think you’ve chosen the wrong place.
You have to remind yourself where you want to be,
and you have to vocalize where you want to go.
You want to visualize the road ahead.
You make a plan, but it’s still too vague.

Sometimes you look around and see brave faces.
And you remind yourself you have what they have.
You have your legs and your feet,
your arms and your hands,
your brain and your heart,
your eyes and lips.

You realize you’ve arrived this far,
and you don’t think of quitting.
But, you can’t remember why you started.
You know it won’t be easy,
but, if you stop and over think it, now,
you’ll never reach the final point.

You have everything they have.
Your glasses are as crystal clear and,
your beverage, just as sparkling.
Your shoes are sturdy and firmly fastened.
You walk as swift with a great deed, and
your mind is free and your soul, courageous.

You remind yourself where you want to be,
and you vocalize where you want to go.
You visualize the road ahead.
Your two hands, two arms, two legs, two feet,
your brain, your heart, and soul want to keep going
and, the thought of ‘someplace’ lets you power through.
Or something. Maybe.





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