some things that awe me: heavy things that look like they’re floating up in the sky and the good people of the world

there were some good people out here…
we hung out at griffith observatory today. my babies skipped school to see the shuttle.  husband and i took a few hours off. mostly all hours.
nerds..yes. all kinds of foto nerds and shuttle lovers…
twas all pretty neat to experience.


so anyway……

yesterday, while we were at the cancer center for his appointment, i told my dad i was not going to be at the hospital or house on Shuttle day.  I was going to see the shuttle fly over our town- I told him i’d see him Saturday instead. he smiled and nodded his head in awe and at the same time in silent wonder and sarcasm.

then we talked about his doctor and how he reminded me of the character Columbo. that made him remember of how when he first came to l.a. he was doing some job with my uncle at “Columbo’s” house. nice house–he remembered. he thinks it was in BH or  around there… anyway…

we talked about goofy shows like Columbo and how we thought Columbo was such a nerd and so goofy yet so likeable and on and on… “you know, really nerdy and goofy…” we both agreed.

then we talked about endeavour… and he said… “you’re going to see it? and all of you with cameras?–that’s nerdy!” And he said something about “….eres como Columbo, muy nerdy. pues que bien… y en el gentillal?…a ti no te vale, eh?..”

nope. I told him i don’t mind crowds. well, dumb-ass crowds that are no good to anyone , i do mind and i don’t get near those. but good crowds…i like, tu comprendre, eh?
oui. he said.  actually he said. weeeeeee! ouiiiiiii.  :)

i like crowds where you can find good people of the world. just like my family. just like my papa.

sugar and spice and everything real groovy…. that’s it. nothing.


and it was so impressive and beautiful …and the people make these… a little powerful.

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