so you think you’re in love?


sometimes… you just can’t help thinking of a one single particular certain person. but you have no idea why.
it’s not like you see yourself with this person in the future… or maybe you do but you don’t want to stick your neck out that far…(?)
you do like the things you know about them, the way the person looks, you’re completely attracted to the character …to the person they appear to be, you ‘get’ one another… you understand each other, you don’t say you expect things but you seem to be on the same path. you seem to be. it only appears like that. and…. you want to kiss them nonstop…you make yourself available for that person…sometimes you put others aside…but ….
well….maybe you are in love….don’t be afraid.

actually, no.  you probably aren’t…but don’t let that stop you from calling.


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