day 13 – superstitious

karma…bad juju..superstitions…beliefs.. aye! who can keep up. i love all this stuff, tho. coincidence and serendipity … i love all that.
i will alway pick up a penny or a pin…or go around a ladder. never , ever under it
its ‘s annoyinghow superstitious i can be. 
    1. friday the 13 –  bad luck all day long. ALL DAY! stay home. really. it may be safer if you stay home. but if you went out and survived today, then , consider yourself lucky.
    2. umbrella in the house–  if you opened the umbrella in the house..BOOM! you’re in for a shower of bad luck. sorry!
    3. cross your fingers! – i like this one. it reminds me of when you’re a child and want to be blood sisters with someone. you each make a little cut on your wrist and touch and blend each others blood by crossing your hands..making an X or a Tee sign. i was bought up as a catholic so …maybe….the cross sign was GOOD LUCK!
      but yikes… the mixing blood. well, i don’t think that was a good idea. :)
    4.  Wishbones – hmm where the hell is the wish bone anyway. can’t ever find it. i guess that’s what makes it lucky. like a scavenger huntor a treasure hunt?  if you and your parter find it, make sure you aim to get the largest part of it and your wish will come true ¡RIGHT!

    5. the rule of Threes – bad luck comes in threes. i.e. open umbrella inside leads to: 1) poke someone’s eye. 2) on the way to the emergency room you get into a car accident. 3) ambulance comes to the rescue and takes you to the hospital BUT lightning storm hits- no electricity.  fail!
    6. knock on wood- crazy! but i think tree-huggers came up with this, no? i.e.- whoa!, i  hiked this steep mountain, tripped on this rock, fell down but as i came stumbling down i saw a tree branch and grabbed on to it…. PHEW! that tree is pure good luck! i will always be grateful to trees. they are good luck and therefore wood is good luck. NEXT day: you hiked up the hill and came back down safely. phew so glad nothing happened to me this time! let me hug the tree (touch wood-knock-wood) yep! tree huggers.
      kiss at the little wood bridge.
    7.  rabbit’s foot– my dad would say, fuck the rabbit’s foot. I’m trying to survive and stay alive out here. i need iron in my system!  I’ll take “la sangre del mapache”.
      he’s the only one i know would say that and has said that. so… be careful. respect.
      he could have given survival man some lessons, that man…my papa.
      sangre de mapache = racoon’s blood.
    8. mirror mirror– careful with that mirror!!  if you break it , you should expect 7 years bad luck. but isn’t seven a lucky number? so confusing. all this juju… so if i break a mirror i soul will get trapped in in there. is that during my life or after i’m dead?  and , just maybe, that mirror world is better than this one? and when i look at  mys reflection in the broken mirror does part of me break a little?  is  seven the lucky number to be chosen as the number of bad luck because our minds and body go through change every seven years so it would take that long for our soul to finds it’s way out f the mirror world? hmmm…makes me think of the ‘seven year itch’ .reflection of bou.
    9. black cats- i think the person who came up with this was either a witch who had a human, transformed into a bitchy, hissing cat, or someone who was completely allergic to cats.
      too bad, because a black cat can be a kool kay!cool cat
    10. fortune cookies… and tea- does that fortune even mean anything ? and if you serve your own tea, will it affect the luck you have the rest of that day? who eats those cookies anyway ?
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