uh, yeah…good luck with that!

So… it’s the time for new year’s resolutions. yes, it’s almost 2012. yay… a new chance to make things “better” !
OH! give it up! I mean, i’d be encouraging and all that stuff, but, really, be realistic. okay?!

do not kid yourself. set realistic goals.
do not try to impress others (too much). do it for you. WE really don’t care. pfft…we have our own resolutions to conquer.
do not let others come up with resolutions for you. well, on second thought… maybe you should. maybe?
do not say “oh, i want to be more like blank “. if you haven’t mastered being YOU, how can you even think of being someone else? really, get real! just be YOU only cooler and nicer and inspiring and happier… g’head, try it. you get what you give.
do not say ” it would be nice if i could do blank or if i could be more like blank, but, oh, i’m just happy with what i have and with who i am…” that’s just BS.
let’s face it. yes, you may be all happy and content … BUT please, set some goals and make plans!
do it. now. don’t sit idle….
look ahead. step forward. (no, no. don’t get this confused with a DEVO song.)
go get ’em. you can do it. :)))

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