red sky at night…

red sky at night…, originally uploaded by ¡Laura!.

i’ll send you some kind of signal. i won’t break anything or cause a fire or power outage… no, no. don’t worry, the firemen won’t show up anybody’s door (again). no… just a small quiet signal. you’ll know when it happens.
when you feel a sharp pain in your lower abdomen or when your knee suddenly bends the wrong way …or when you’re being pulled by an unseen force… that’s when you’ll know. hee.
or when you feel the need to laugh but can’t explain why…or when you suddenly have an urge to make a sharp left turn and ….when you want to just run but have no idea where you’re going…
well…. you’ll just know. :)))

i’m thinking about you. in a nice way. i’m just kidding about the sharp pains. really. i am.
but i can’t promise i won’t set some outage.
it’s just my powerful thoughts of you making things burn and break…. it’s powerful.
oh dear.

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