peaceful, muted morning.

it’s been warmer than we care for lately. It isn’t really surprising but we do find it difficult to believe it’s january.
me… i’m not complaining i’m actually a fan of a warm climate. i like my scarves on tank tops and flip flops are all the comfort.
AND i love when our parisians and east coasters visit and they get a sunny treat out here. we can hang outside in the patio.. soaking up the sun.  By the evening we end up throwing on our sweaters and scarves but we can sit outside with a nice cab or lemonade or a not-so-hot chocolate. these past winter vacation mornings our books kept us company outsid… and quietly, we read while our feet got a nice tan. hehe. hey, you can have healthy-vacation-y-looking feet while you act all intellectual. yes you can.
(hmmm… side note: i wonder if my book club still wants me? hmmm. 2nd side note: damnit! we’re overdue at the library again. uggg)

i love where i live. i love my house. it’s a house of love.. i’ve been told. you should visit. :) there’s plenty of room, wine, books, blankets, pillows, food in la cocina, and …sun.
….no matter how broke we are, we manage to buy our girls shoes, enjoy a nice glass (or two) of champagne and, ¡ damnit !, it’s sunny. it’s what i tell husband, anyway. we’ll see how the mood is tomorrow. for now, i’m living large and plan to be in this (un-medicated*) blissful state of mind for as long as my brain can remain reasonable.  or something like that.

then…..this morning…. my girls were off to school… i’ll miss hanging with them.

warm winter morning.

*not everyone in l.a. is medicated on’happy’ pills. many of us are high on love. hehe.

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