umm, please pardon my mess.

it feels good to know, that when your friends come to your house, you are comfortable enough with them to have a little (or a big) mess here and there. and good to know that they are comfortable enough with you to take pictures of the less tidy areas in your house. :)

i love this picture so much, i wish i took it…. my friend, Theresa, took it.

we have three bathrooms in our house… . the little guest bathroom is behind the kitchen and is rarely used. the bigger one is in our bedroom. this one (foto above) is used the most because it’s more accessible (?) and the girls use it daily as it’s next to their bedrooms.
the tub is old; it came with the house. the faucets are newer..about 20 years old. near the drain is a glucose testing strip that Alex used to test her sugar levels (she’s type 1 diabetic), the mat hangs over the tub because now we have a dog and i’m afraid she’ll get confused and pee on the rug (gross!). the plastic wrap is either a ziplock bag which dani uses to goof around in the shower or the wrapper the soap came in. (soap from Lush cosmetics that Alex gave her–mmm smelled so good). the pink goo is wtf!!! gum?? really girls? gum???!!!. and last but not least, the hat.
aaaahhh… my hat!!!! what is it doing in the tub? hmmm. busted.
alex went in the pool with the hat and voila…was she trying to hide the damage? i bet that’s what happened. way to go, Alex. really?
hmmm… or was she just drying it in there ?

the things a house (or a tub) say about you…

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