we play gin and poker … they smoke and don’t give a damn. i guess when you get to be a person of certain age… you know what to care about, when to care about it and if it’s worth the trouble and energy. they are loving, cool grandparents and currently that’s one of the things they care about… their grandchildren. this foto was taken last summer 2009 in our back patio.

the things i carry with me, por si las moscas

in my purse or in the car… 1. sometimes i get so stressed i can’t breath. or if i go for an unexpected run and the asthma hits me and i need a quick fix…i carry my inhaler…just in case. 2. if i need to make a call, or the kids need me while i’m out,  i have my fone.  always… just in case. 3. if there’s nothing good on the radio and npr (which i dig) is not entertaining enough, i carry my ipod… just in case. (actually, mine…

risas y suspiros, fully loaded

sometimes … well… life is funny. one day at elysian parc. the car and this gentleman seemed fully loaded. I chose this picture to bring  a daily note back to life…it’s been a long while… everything here is just my own little thoughts from my only little head. i take these fotos (unless i shared and specified others’ fotos.) and share my words. it’s just me…. so don’t take it too seriously or too personal. laura  … c’est moi.