in my purse or in the car… 1. sometimes i get so stressed i can’t breath. or if i go for an unexpected run and the asthma hits me and i need a quick fix…i carry my inhaler…just in case. 2. if i need to make a call, or the kids need me while i’m out,  i have my fone.  always… just in case. 3. if there’s nothing good on the radio and npr (which i dig) is not entertaining enough, i carry my ipod… just in case. (actually, mine was stolen so now i carry my daughter’s nano) 4 if my lips are feelingRead More →

these fotos remind me of a bittersweet tune… “duerme duerme negrito…” i took them on the One. summer, 2009. although  don’t believe it was written by either these 2 are inspiring… mercedes sosa and atahualpa yupanquiRead More →

sometimes … well… life is funny. one day at elysian parc. the car and this gentleman seemed fully loaded. I chose this picture to bring  a daily note back to life…it’s been a long while… everything here is just my own little thoughts from my only little head. i take these fotos (unless i shared and specified others’ fotos.) and share my words. it’s just me…. so don’t take it too seriously or too personal. laura  … c’est moi.  Read More →