sometimes, you may feel handicapped, and you feel you’ve chosen the wrong place. you have to remind yourself where you want to be, and you have to vocalize where you want to go. you want to visualize the road ahead. you make a plan but it’s still too vague. sometimes you look around and see brave faces, and you remind yourself you have what they have. you have your legs and your feet, your arms and your hands, your brain and your heart, your eyes and lips. you realise you’ve arrived this far, and you don’t think of quitting, but, you can’t remember why youRead More →

  behave the way you want others to behave. (kindness is always in st yle break down some walls and barriers. (big hammers are always handy) you’re pretty awesome. (i’m not just saying that!) take the stairs (elevators are…um, dunno) live a little lighter. and live a little more. take a little risk (but don’t hurt yourself or others!) the past is old so look at new things. make new things. push a little. (don’t shove, that gets you no-where)   i may or may not have said this …. but ..i repeat myself. and i contradict myself, too.Read More →

maybe you know this or maybe you don’t. i love champagne. i love chips. and i love fries. i love champagne with fries. that can be my dinner. and it’s how i celebrate. celebrate anything. i kick off my shoes (or flip flops) and pour a glass of champagne and get my salty fries. what do i celebrate? too long to list. but it’s anything from: an unexpected, sweet bird pecking at our kitchen window. to newborns, to ‘i quit my job’, to ‘i got a job’ , to ‘i met this really nice person, to a 7 hour hike, to someone got promoted , toRead More →

driving at the speed limit, today. not that it matters. so many palm trees in the cemetery. the dead must feel like they’re in paradise. but not today. most days they’ll soak up the sun, and enjoy a cool breeze…or a balmy evening. but not today. today, they’ll enjoy a cold chill with heavy winds and rain. all day. they’ll enjoy some visitors chasing wind-blown umbrellas through the headstones and name plates across the field. but when the storm runs out of rain and wind…and things are more calm, it will all look like paradise again… but, a little tempest in the graveyard on aRead More →

    the moment you hear their laughter and see their smiles love passes by in full speed. and, when they’re gone, loneliness weigh you down. heavy and in slow motion. and with love’s circumstances, you feel numb. you hear a clock ticking. you’ll hold on to forgotten breaths. and, then melancholia intrudes. it harbors doubts. yet, you’ll find your own way through a muted, stagnant gloom. and with all your knowledge you’ll make your own light. but you’ll sense slow movements as you teeter and, sometimes you hear a comforting ring. and you stare at the telefone. you sit still and observe its sound. and each ring is louder than the last. and, thenRead More →

when my friend and I were chatting the other day… we talked about when someone’s big smile is noticeable. we notice when he/she compliments everything and everyone around him/her. he/she finds good and beauty in everything. all. the. time. this isn’t unusual. what’s unusual is when he/she talks about how wonderful everything is in every single breath. “in love” is our first thought. and we thought of people who falls in love once in a while. or once only. others who seamlessly flirt in every breath and comment and conversation. and, others who fall in love quite often! all the time. some people fall in love all the time. they never fall out of it. it seems. theyRead More →

the reason i plan on running the l.a. marathon, is… well, no real reason other than peer pressure (hee) and well, it’s on Valentine’s day. favorite day. it’s so cool that we dedicate one day for all things cheesy and hearts. and i told my family, i’m not a runner. so i will run with my heart and my legs will follow. or my legs will take me there. something cheesy like that. LOVE!!! :) but i’ve been forgetting that, lately. i’ve been forgetting the cheese and saying things like, “what the fuck!, this is the first and last for me!” or “what the fuck wasRead More →

well, 12 grapes on the first of the year. i drank my grapes. i have to admit. damnit. champagne and wine. but, i had my whole grapes on new years day. :) that’s gotta count for something. right? i had breads and cakes and lentils and legumes and …who knows what. But, these grapes…well…they’ll help with a happy harvest (ha!) and ward away the evil spirits and bad witches, too… I love goofy traditions. really, love them. and well…i’m not superstitious…but… you know…”¡por si las moscas!”Read More →

when i was little , i heard people say , “only boring people are bored.”. well, i thought it was treu. i mean nothing is anywhere until you place it there. so if you place boredom, then things will be boring. i think. maybe. when my girls say to me, “i’m bored !” , i always tell them two things: 1) well, make yourself useful. or 2) i’ll find something for you to do. hee. they don’t appreciate that. mostly i find chores for them to do. when i go anywhere i can’t help find ‘happiness’. i always think, if you want something done, you gottaRead More →