not for nothing… but, Mistress Day, Valentine’s Day, Flirt Week…

mistress day is today feb 13. valentine’s day is feb 14, this week is flirt week…oh lal la! it’s a busy week for you lovers!

well.. not for nothing , but mistresses count too. don’t they?
i mean, you can’t help who you fall in love with (even if it’s a 3 month fling or a 3 year affair, a one night stand-turned to a long weekend, no?).

love is love. it comes at any given moment, unpredictable places, wrong or right times…lasts a little while or longer than expected. love is strange. and love is felt differently by everyone.. just as love takes a different meaning and value by everyone.
still , a mistress is just that, ONLY a mistress. nothing more. the person on the side, covered up…rushed..fogged.
but a wife…well a wife is everything. and that’s a lot. she holds on to you. she is in the front line… on all sides, every day…
which, depending on your perspective,  may be a good or bad thing … if you want to be with your mistress on that day. hehe.


but, really, who’s to say we are only and  always  suppose be with one single person even after one’s married?
Is that even possible? I don’t know. and i think, I THINK, as long as you tell your partner you feel this way, there’s some kind of mutual understanding, right?
But , then, why get married in the first place?
is it because we just want to conform or some kind of security?

But really many of us would not tell our partner, would we?
maybe you don’t tell because you don’t want to get caught..and because you’re  too afraid of the reactions etc etc..

BUT maybe you don’t tell your partner because it’s more exciting this way?
because, it , your mistress , your affair, means that much more when it’s a secret! because the value of a secret… well, it’s cherished and invaluable. and it very well may be that you hold your mistress dear to you.  and well, not for nothing, but a mistress has some power over you.

Oh!! and when i say  ‘mistress’ it can refer to a mister , too..and wife as husband..etc etc.

well….i don’t promote having a mistress/mister/affair , but i certainly don’t chastise either.

and i guess, the dept of your love and the amount of love you give , is what you deserve to get.
and also… just to be clear… this thought was not to suggest i have a mister or am, myself, a mistress.
you know… this is only adailynote. :)



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