napoleon code …mexican law?

well…without getting into history ..he says she says… battle of our very own family cultures…after all, we are mexifranco. francocanos…  huh?

i like my napoleon ring.

still life with napoleon iii

cinco de mayo’s mexicans defeated the french. well, yes. true. but…. really? war is war and did the mexicans really win?
i guess…but…

hmmm… isn’t mexican law based on napoleon code? and because of Maximian’s wish , napoleon left El Paseo de la Reforma in mexico city…  a quick easy access to/from Maximilian’s (chaputepec)  castle  and the city’s center. ahhhh… si señor just like the champs-elysees. oui :)
and take a  look at some of the french left overs in guadalajara. ahem. oh, mexico. je t’aime.
and well…battle of puebla and other wars…. we are all one small world influenced by one and the other…
i like wine. vino. el tequila? no gracias. los tacos? si por favor. champañe – champagne? si. dos copas. o tres. o diez.
so  cinco de mayo…. hmm…. just another day to celebrate anything. tomorrow i’ll celebrate… another war another victory another anything.
(i think this is what happens when you’re old and jaded. bleh!)


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