my sunday best – pampering a nine year old!

doodle bou, Boubou, dani-bee, chiquilina, bouboulina…muñequita turned nine.
she calls herself my lucky charm! sigh.




P1210193 nine


she has such an attitude. when she was born she had a ‘stay away from me unless you’re my mom’ cry.  and it was loud. i really mean it. it was loud.




she’s sweet as pie when she wants to be. not when she needs to. only when she wants to.  most of the time she is just a stubborn little girl full of ideas and a bit of attitude. she has a wispy  softish kind of voice and when she tells a story you just sort of get lost and distracted with her little sweet voice. and if you ask her to repeat it or if she asks if you’re listening to her… she begins to raise her voice and  loudly she will tell you that you don’t care what she says and that you never listen to her…. (sometimes it’s treu. i can’t hear her… i just hear this sweet sound- like a tiny melody coming out of a little tough girl’s mouth—sorry Dani)
and she repeats her story.


and in the morning she yells “mama, come here!”,  “get my clothes out!”, “mama, gimme a kissie!” “i can’t start without a kissie, no i can’t”
And her friends…. they are similar and they have a nice bond…they talk to each other as if they’ve known each other all their lives likes sisters and brothers…
they have. they have known each other most of their lives. they’re only eight or nine. :)



she’s a tough little person but she is all kinds of  sweet and cool. More weekend fotos.



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