my sunday best–a little dirty.

Always on sunday.
sunday clean up selfy. Had this idea to do a selfy with stuff and others on sunday… Because the lord doesnt rest… Hehe. :)

we got our hands dirty…
The night before we were over at my friend, pam’s, home. john made dinner for us…
Dani wasnt feeling well but i was a bit clueless and possibly in denial. So…at dinner time…right on pam’s rug… Dani says ” mama, i need to use the baaa…” poor baby finished her sentence with a vomit i so graciously caught in my hand. most of it spilled on the rug…
The glam life. Ooopsies!
Getting my hands dirty…im pretty good at that.
Dani and carpet…im happy to report are doing better.

my sunday best–a little dirty., originally uploaded by ¡Laura!.

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