it smells clean. happy spring…now, kiss me damnit!

the other day as i walked the parc and headed up to the observatory i noticed all the pretty clouds and, although the winds were cool, they were strong and fierce. i was happy to fight it off knowing that the night would be filled with bright stars in the sky. i felt my ears freezing a little. it was crisp out there..and i thought: oooh it smells like winter-spring here! spring will happen in a few days. days are longer. longer outings. outings in the warm desert…pure sweetness.
then i thought of this note i sent my friend some time last autumn:

“the nights here get really cool so i have a sweater over my tank top and a scarf and warm jeans and flip flops.
/fashion report :)

the mornings are cool, the afternoon is warm and then coolish at night too. (desert-like coolness)
it’s autumn. no fires yet, tho. but when we feel a warm inferno-ish wind gently approaching… we become wide-eyed bunnies and panic because we’re waiting for that subtle wind to become el diablo and slap us hard on our faces with its heat that burns us and everything around! it’s far out. crazy!

then when winter comes…. it’s crisp. when the rain comes…. it’s messy. we get floods sometimes. when it rains it pours all at once. most of the time. and we drive slow. I can drive in the rain no problem. but it;s hard when it your car feels like it should be a boat…. but i need practice driving in snow.

when spring comes back (OH fuck YEAH!) it’s beautiful. we get a whole handful of pretty days with no smog and puffy clouds in the sky. it;s like what heaven should smell like and look like and feel like……
just makes you want to stop, turn around and kiss everyone around you. i dont but i it;s that good.

/ wtf? rambling”

a clean day with tourists., originally uploaded by ¡Laura!.

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