i like you like that.

rules that i like…. um, let me rephrase that. suggestions that i admire.

1) stand up for what you believe in..but don’t boast. be part of your beliefs. how awesome is someone who sticks to and who is passionate about what they live for and about what they genuinely believe in. but don’t be so excessive and impose your beliefs. don’t choke us…. don’t vomit on us…

2) be free and self sufficient… but accept help when needed. and listen to a critique. self-sufficiency is great but don’t be so free as to not let others give you a hand…. it may get you some unwanted loneliness. waah wash you’ll cry and be lonely.

3) make use of what you have.  make use and good of your time. stop waiting for next summer or next friday… enjoy monday. fuck it. they’ll  keep coming back– lots of mondays. so… enjoy the hell outta them.

4) throw out a true compliment here and there…. but don’t be a kiss ass for god’s sake. gah. nothing worse and unattractive than a genuine  brown-nose. give someone a deserved compliment… they will be happy to know that their efforts are recognized and appreciated. and it makes the others feel good.

5) live in your own shoes. be true ..be you. (be true bleu). if you’re not you, then who will you be? well, you’re not really living, are you? you’re just another body, existing…taking up space. be true and real and live on the edge :) oooh, but be careful. don’t fall. And always, add a little true you in what you do… it pays to add your own personal touch. much easier to live this way.

6) be cool and kind and helpful. and smile. often. do it now, smile. not just to your lovely friends, but to their friends and parents and babies and puppies, and the cancer patients and the troubled teenager… lend a hand when you’re able to. we all go through our downs, so when you’re up, help someone out – give them a hand. that’s a pretty awesome gift. and when you offer an honest smile to someone, they somehow will gravitate to you. and they will remember how you made them feel. and voila! you’ll never be lonely again.  maybe.
shorter: simple acts of  kindness and consideration and  empathy allows people to carry on with their day with much dignity and less effort. i think.
just be cool, dammit. be easy.

7) own your mess ups. we all screw up. (sometimes , you,  more than i do. :) )  don’t hide your mistakes because , well, you’ve already fucked up so… now, what?! you’re going to lie about it. nah, just admit and confess and own up. :)
meh… we all mess up. sooner or later…over and over… It happens.

8)  be easy. make yourself approachable. easy access to you allows people to come back to you. if you make it difficult for others to get a hold of you , well, they will forget about you. and when you’re “forgotten and you’re left on your own, you’re gonna cry, cry, cry….” yep, i think i just quoted johnny cash. oh boy!

ahem…  and when you speak (and write to) and hang out with people, make eye contact and when you speak to them , address them by their first names. WARNING: Don’t over use the name, tho. say the name too much and it will lose it’s meaning. really it will.

9) be good. better. BEST at what you do. yourwrite? music? paint? blog? parent? teach…???? what?!!!
don’t just do it. don’t just be.
be excellent. and… BUT… stay away from self-help books. really. save your money. go for a walk, listen to a song, listen to the street poets or musicians… visit with people, read some literature, read the funnies… interact with others… write some nonsense and some dark poetry…. write a love note. or a sexy text or nice letter and mail it…read or write or say some nauseating cheesyness … that’s how you grow and learn and ‘fix’ yourself.
well, maybe. i think.

10) thanks, please, hi, may i help you… thanks for that…
you can use those words. try to. those words are important.

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