I can do it myself, Mama !

if Mama is too busy… why should I have to wait!?

the nosy neighbors., originally uploaded by ¡Laura!.

the nosy neighbors.

dani and remy want to know what is being built behind the hedge. i told them we’d go next door soon to ask the men working there if we ‘d be able to see the new construction.
they couldn’t wait!
dani cares less about rules and goes in the garage, gets the ladder… remy is so excited to do something ‘bad’ with bou. I can still hear her giggling.

i’m not sure they’ll hang out all the time. they are too similar.
i mean… what will they do tomorrow? ugg…light up a joint?
oh, those crazy girls. :)

one of my current favorite things… this moment. cute girls for sure.

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