how souls get lost

the graveyard…
visiting my dad on his birthday…

Nice lady came over to day hello to my mother. she was happy to see so many of us hanging out at my dad’s place on the grass. She said she was happy her son would not be alone.

Her son was reported missing after a few days of not checking in with his family or his girlfriend. When they found him, two days later, he was sitting in his car and he was not alive. unable to find the cause of death…

when a loved one dies..well, of course, it’s hard enough, but, add youth and uncertainty to that… that equals a thousand times worse.

i hear:
cause of death, unknown, 25 year old young man. found at a grocery store parking lot. in his car. in the passenger seat.
i can’t breath.
i wanted to lie on the grass and sleep.
it saddened me and stressed me out.

she’s a pretty mom, nice, and she has other sons… i wonder how they reacted… and are feeling now?

our bodies , when we’re alive, give us a reference in space. on earth. we feel, see, smell…. etc., with our senses. but then, we die and then what ? do our souls find the “light”?  how do they know if they  can’t see or feel or smell… our souls, how do they know? i mean, do you have to believe in life after we die… can’t we just die and that’s that? or do our souls know where to go without having senses…. (i know, 3 year old questions!!!)

but, i’m not really looking for answers… i’m just wondering what many wonder as soon as they know someone they love is dead.   they want some sort of explanation… and security “they’ll be all right, right?”.
i guess, they’ll be all right. they’re dead. so what else is there. just death. and that’s the end of that. right?

cause of death unknown– he was too decomposed to do a post-mortem examination….
this young man… his loved ones didn’t have  time to say good bye. ouch.
I’d be lost if i was unable to say goodbye to someone while they still had some sort of sense.

not sure if i’d be lost forever…but i’d be pretty lost for a while. probably.
a lost soul.

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