how many years does that equal to?

“I love you to the moon and back”. What a poop phrase. cliché? So over done. it’s more than extra. it’s ridiculous and burnt up.
(grr…ridiculous. unless you say to your baby or , i’ll give you up to toddler years because they don’t really get time and space, yet!)
I mean, that’s like saying you love them a certain amount of over 200,000 miles way … and how many years is that? it means nothing. stop saying it. keep it simple. and just enjoy the fucking moon. and enjoy saying “i love you. period.”

a hike at moonrise. yay. watching her come out from behind those hills was neat. … that was pretty spectacular. it’s like she needed a red carpet or something.

hmmm… sounds bitter… the first paragraph. oh, well. whatever.


So... Nothing. That's it.

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