hey, can we talk ?

when was the last time you (or I) had a real, heart-felt, conversation with a total stranger as if he or she was put in that perfect spot, right there next to you to convey a certain message to you– like, one of those ‘i feel like i’ve known you all my life’ moments. or maybe they just gave you a clever, or unusually kind, witty comment that made you want to keep them? or have you had that conversation, whatever the size or level, with your child or parent or significant other or a friend where, finally , you’ve connected… your eyes and heart really  met are in sync? conversations. words, moments.
even non-verbal conversations… well, those are pretty awesome.

for me… it’s  always been about the talks, the conversations;
even  small talk as substantive conversation, the special moments with quick comments exchanged with a stranger at the supermarket,  the late night chats with long distance friends,  the truly deep, over due and long delayed conversations with your significant other, The awkward  almost silent conversations with your parents, the sweet tender conversation with your children,  The discussions with your bankers,   and the most dreadful  “what the fuck am I doing with my life” with yourself.

Types of conversations for your (informal) information:
1) informational– ie
hey, i’m a web and graphic designer.
2) relational or relative-ie
hey, i love your foto; i have a camera, maybe we should shoot together. i’d love to see your work.
3) emotional -ie
hey, i know that you have been working hard, and you seem to be a little tired. a few months ago, i had to work extra hard, times were hard and money was tight. is everything ok with you?
4)no-word-need (non-verbal) i.e.-
no words — but maybe you’re at yoga or dance class…at a club, a concert,… etc and you feel some sort of connection with someone or everyone there.

5)transcendent/deeper than words -no sure that is the word –similar to non verbal, but more profound. the kind of moment when two people meet and there are no words spoken but the conversation is loud and clear by the simple act of gazing in each other’s eyes. maybe similar in a sweet way with a child and a mom or a pet…
6)combative or debate-ie-
why on earth would you chose photography as a career? with so much competition out there is seems like a dead end.
hey, before i forget, you made me feel like shit the other day, but i’m over it now, but i thought you should know….

there are more…like the whine and gossip  conversation… but, not worth my effort right now.

It doesn’t matter what kind of words come out… or what kind of  topic stirs up …ultimately, the best  conversation, and the one that matters is the one that sounds right, right now.
so… wanna talk ?

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