happy earth day weekend

no. we didn’t plant a tree. we didn’t plant flowers or seeds and i’m sure we didn’t water a damn thing. ooopsies.
nope. instead we drew a tree on a non-recycled large paper. we used non-eco-friendly markers with probably non-recycled plastic materials. we stayed indoors…blasting the AC. meh… it’s too darn hot out there!
watched some TV and curled our hair. baked a cake. yes, we baked in hot weather… the AC kept us real cool indoors. uh, huh. we probably had all the computers on and maybe some lights too. oh well.

every single day is earth day.

we took a dip in our pool. we should have heated that thing up but it was just too hot to walk back there to turn the switch on. we suffered but we figure , hmmmm…let’s give our appliances the day off. it’s earth day after all.

i know you don’t believe me but. i’m pretty sure that’s what we did. maybe. well… i don’t know.
waitaminute. i think we picked strawberries from our garden. that’s earthday-ish, right?

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