falling: in love, apart, down, out…

(july 17, edit (thanks, ed.)) and of course…falling gracefully. :)

oooh, and falling in a vineyard , into a hole, in a barrel, into a good glass of wine, into strong arms, out of love, out of…um…escrow, out of the bleu…

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a winerd getaway with the chicas. :) love my troublemaker fwends …on a saturday.

(L to R) laura , wendy, deana, theresa. wine tasting in paso robles. stanger vineyards :)

(L to R) theresa, wendy , laura and deana . wine tasting in paso robles. at hope family /treana vineyard Toublemaker fans :)

(yes that’s what i did. i fell in a vineyard, after wine tasting. it was funny. but no body laughed. well, i laughed. there was a little hole that my shoe got stuck in. really, there was. seriously. it was there. ask wendy. :) )

(L to R) laura , wendy, deana, theresa. wine tasting in paso robles. at Oso Libre :)

(L to R) laura ,  deana,  Brad from Lush Limo, Wendy and theresa. last stop after wine tasting all day long… having dinner in paso robles. :)

wine “reviews”….to follow :)


So... Nothing. That's it.

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  1. Love, love, love your photos, Laura!!! Captured our weekend perfectly and helps me get back there when I need to. Thank you so much for taking and posting. What an amazing trip. Can’t wait to do it again.


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