falling and stuck and contained and my pretty paper hearts

hmmm…there’s no you…only in my dreams….it smells like the way a bakery smells at 5.am. fresh and sweet..sugary buttery and warm.

a kinda dark and milky paradise… you go through dark paths and creamy thick fog…
that’s how some dreams are and you feel a kind of love around you and you can’t put it into words.

all you know is that you push through the fog… almost swimming through it…but it seems easy enough because you’re wearing black armor. and when people try to stop you from walking through … you pin them against a gelatenious wall and tell them to let you go because you have to get somewhere where you have things to say.

(hey, these are my own silly dreams… im sure you’ve had sillier and cheesier words…so..nevermind)

hearts in space, originally uploaded by ¡Laura!.

then you are so tired from the heavy armor on your body… you plead with them to let you walk alone and you ask them not to challenge you… and you just want to get there and just sleep. and when you finally get past the milky fog….there is nothing to be found. you trip and you just fall like a dry leaf or a paper heart. and you don’t sleep. you just glide and glide down. and you drop inside a glass house.

it’s exhausting….dreaming like this.
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