daydreaming, again

will i ever stop ? i just keep doing it. only a good road trip will help.
i know it. the cure for my inconstancy in love is love for the road. i have no idea what that means. it sounded good in my head. and in my head and in my mind….i’m super woman and i can do any thing. i’ve already done every thing twice. in my head.
so… road trip?!
vamonos. :)

our minds wander. and parts of our brains are turned off. i like that. :) i like to wander and i let my mind wander….
we just day dream… we can’t help it.

daydreaming is not as productive as i would love it to be. sure, in our dreams, we get creative with what we want to do. but day dreaming makes us forget what we were doing. “what? d’you say something?” or “dammit, where was i?”
if you need to focus on analytical chores or tasks , the empathic part of your brain needs to turn off so you’d be able to think clearly, and work on every detail to get the job done! so day dreaming shuts off because there’s no time for empathic-ness (or shenanigans).
so , really, we can’t work as fast as we want when we daydream. bummer, because i am an awesome daydreamer. so , i guess, i have to schedule my daydreaming some time between 2-4p. or is that called a siesta?
mmmm. a siesta on a hammock, with some wine, and some chips and a nice friend telling you stories or humming a tune….hmmmm…

ok, wait. where was i?
see what happened there,  the cognitive part was shut off by my brain’s empathic part.
but that’s the thing…. i find that when you’re a daydreamer, you are a multi-tasker. your empathetic and rational sides are turning each other on and off…working together so that you can go back and forth , allowing you to dream and complete your detailed tasks.  both equally important.
so…keep dreamin’ , beautiful.
(or is that keep truckin’…which reminds me of some trucker on the I-5 going to who-knows-where…. ‘whoknowswhere’ sounds pretty cool, right now. open windows in the car…listening to the sound of the wind coming in…the smell of the gas fumes or diesel…the farms… the sun a little to the left because you left a little later than you wanted, but who cares? you’re on a road trip.)
just daydream.

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