day 9 – searching for the meaning of anything (343)

i have a thing for some frivolous stuff.
only for some things, though.
I’m really not that frivolous.
when i see a ring that truly attracts me , i can’t let it. I can’t put it down.

once , i was at a farmers market/antique market in the IE (inland empire) and i saw a silver ring with a turquoise gem. the ring was too big but i held on to it while i perused other jewelry the vendor had. as i looked around, i wore that silver ring on my thumb. the vendor asked me if i was looking for anything in particular. i wasn’t. i just wanted to wear this ring.
i wore it too long.
when it was time for me to move on,  i looked at the price and it was a little more than i cared to spend so i knew i was not going to purchase it. so…i slowly took it off my thumb and as i put it back on the ring holder, the vendor said , “i think you may need turquoise on you right now.” and she said i better take the ring because my intuition was telling me i needed to wear it on my thumb and wear turquoise. that’s what she said.
(and i was sorry i wore it too long , but that was a old sales pitch!)
well…. i thought that was  bullshit. but… i love stuff like that. stuff that has some sort of “meaning” or “symbolism”…
so i said, honestly, that it was more than i was able to spend. and she said, “no. no, you better take it. i’ll give it to you.”

After a few words like” oh, i couldn’t” and “you better take it…” , I took the ring. and i did buy a little pendant that was priced much less than the ring. you know, to be courteous. and I took back my thought about her ‘bullshit’ sales pitch. she was a nice lady.

as   i looked at the ring and other goodies she had, she mentioned that my intuition was telling me to wear the turquoise ring (which meant having “love for beauty”) on my thumb (which meant “self-assertion”).

hehehe! ( i hated that i was laughing in my head while she was so serious and speaking her truth)
All her explanation and how she spoke with conviction….well, damn!, that made me love the ring even more.


I’m sure there is somewhere on the web where you will find a guide to the meaning and symbolisms of gems and the meaning each finger has…
i don’t make fun of that (too much), but…. really?
well, in the mornings when i choose my ring, i just go by how i feel and i usually use these fingers: the thumb, the ring finger, the index finger and the middle finger. never the pinky.
hmmmm… i wonder what it all means…I wonder what each of the rings i choose and the finger i wear it/them on means?

middle finger:  you feel like a bitch and anyone who gets in your way will know you despise them. wear a diamond.
ring finger: pretentious and a little withdrawn and a little phony- wear sapphire
pinky: a little air-head-y -wear bleu lapiz or amber
thumb: adventurous and ready to hit the road- wear ruby or aventurine.
index finger: over assertive and a little demanding-wear amzonite.

there, i just made those up. i like them. i’ll keep them.

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