day 8 – balancing (342)

today was mellow and cold. put on long and warm sweater with pockets. put on my turtle neck.
hung my camera around my neck. we were out the door and drove to see alex play with the jr high jazz band.
we entered the gates to the pard and i had twenty dollars in one pocket and my cell in the other.
‘no entrance fee, they told us. so i had no need to take my twenty out of my pocket.

i took fotos of alex and a small video. then i put my hands in my pocket. it was cold out there.
as i put my hands in my pocket i could feel my folded bill and my cell and i noticed an extra button in a plastic bag. extra button for my sweater. at that moment i thought to myself…hmmmm i better not lose that button, it may come in handy one day.
after  their set, the jazz band was finished. we said good bye to a few parents/friends. and i remember hugging one particular one only because i had to quickly take my hands out of my pocket and i remember feeling all the little things that were in there as i struggled to take them out. i was rushing  because he had  turned to hug and i didn’t want him to wait so long for a hug. my hands got a little tangled with all the items in my pockets. that’s what i remember… one hand felt the button and the bill. the other hand felt the cell fone … (my pockets are not that big)

anyway… we loaded the car with instruments and we were off to the jr high to drop them off in the music room.
by the time the clean-up was over, the girls and alex’s friend were hungry (and so was i!!) .
some hot tea and , mmmm, tortilla soup from four and 20 sounded perfect so we drove there and sat.
it was warm and a little cozy.

when we sat, husband reached for his wallet to put away some loose bills that were in his pocket and i realized i had my twenty so i said ‘oh, hey here’s a twenty – we can just pay cash for our dinner/lunch- no need for debit card.’ but when i reached in my pocket my twenty was gone. gah! and my mind flashed back to the moment when i hugged our friend good-bye and my hands had gotten tangled and stuck with little things in my pocket. i remember, as i took my hands out to hug him, i had felt a folded paper on the outside of my hand but had not given it a thought. all that was on my mind was “hurry, and get those hands out and hug…!!!” and i pictured the bill and my hand come out simultaneously. and i said. oh, damn. boo! i lost my twenty at that moment. probably.

well…i guess it didn’t matter at this point. oh well.
and we all said , ” oh, lucky person who finds it.”

when we finished our meal and husband gets up to talk the nice manager — he asked for our check.
after a few minutes, he came back  and asked what kind of pie would please us, because….the nice manager is treating us to a whole pie. wow. super nice. a whole pie. :)
we choose pumpkin pie.

and the girls were happy… and well,
the girls were sorry about my twenty.
and then we thought:
 everyone: ‘oh no!, you lost a twenty?’
 me: ‘yep, i did. bummer.’
 everyone: ‘don’t cry. here’s free pie’

and…. this is so silly to say, but the we felt balanced.
lost a twenty- found free pie. and we smiled and felt silly. and it was cute.
so… today’s fortunes / lessons:

pienancial prosperity is coming your way.
never hug a friend , especially if you have money in your pocket
if you lose yer money, the pierate will hook you up.
you ran out of money, but your pi(e) never ends.


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