day 29 – decorum

i trust you will speak properly and politely at the table… and when the others start vomiting racist remarks, then, when they see the shock in your face, and they chuckle and laugh and say they are only joking, you will be cautious with your own words …
i trust you will walk away and i trust that you will not bring yourself to their level.
well, sure, we all make simple racist-stereotypes comments here and there, but you know the difference between a mixture of racism with hatred with intolerance and silly stereo types we say.
i trust you will make a true impact and stand your ground by getting up and walking away. because if you stay, you will just say that you tolerate a racist. which is not true. you don’t associate with them. you can say a few words that will tell them you don’t agree, but you don’t have to tolerate their behavior. walk away.
you don’t have time to sit around and listen  to someone who clearly and openly admires jesus and the kardashians at the same time, you don’t have time for small and limited minds…or have time for a people who clearly will divide people and think they are a superior race…

i lack nerve, sometimes. i watch my words as to not offend others…  but i have learned to walk away and tell people simply “i think it’s best if we don’t communicate with each other again. we are too different. anyway, have a great day.”  or  i say “can you just leave now? i want to sit here alone and read some more interesting substantial trivial shit.”

i have filters, i guess.

peace and love filter- i’ll think before i correct you because i love you , man.

opinion or truth filter- i’m not sure how to explain it but i thinking you’re a motherfucker, but i’ll stay quiet because i’m not sure if that’s just my opinion (although, i think it’s true.)

controversial filter – i know you mean well with your no fur and peace and love shit, but, seriously, that fur coat looks awesome. yeah, i really want to say that, just to piss you off, but i’m not going to because.well, i don’t mean it and it and my thought it weightless. 


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