day 11 – carried away (345)

rapture… a little joy and a little dance and boom! you’re gone.
you carry on and on…
carrying away all these little pieces of bliss.
you can get carried away by aliens or
you can get carried away writing and reading or
get carried away taking fotos
our memories and imagination carry us away… far away.
sometimes so far away …into peculiar places. or dangerous places..
sometimes into  simple sweet moments.

once we were carrying away a teddy bear.
saw it at a (chain) store window
it was a rainy.
walking with alex on one hand and carrying dani in my arms.
alex was holding umbrella as high as possible to reach and cover me.
we were meeting up with husband at the end of the street.
he was waiting.
we were busy looking at windows and avoiding rain and got carried away by all the christmas lights on the champs-elysees.
husband came and to grab alex but  dani kept pulling back to that store window.
this teddy bear was starring at us.
we left.
and..went to have dinner at some cafe.
when we got out of the place we had to walk past that same ‘teddy-bear’ window.
damn you, soft teddy. it was so cute. and dani kept pulling us in there.
but we left and walked to the cine to watch a movie.
after the movie.
we all walked into that store and just grabbed the damn teddy.
turned out it was a back back. cute. perfect.
dani… she was quite happy.

now, this teddy can’t seem to get put away… some how it gets moved around …carried somewhere for no particular reason and to no particular place. never gets used but never gets put in the donation bags, either.  it’s been hanging on this doorknob in dani’s room, for a while, now.

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