a coffee, a smoke and the pursuit of entanglement.

coffee, cigarettes, rum, beer, a drink or two, a fight, a dispute, an unnecessary argument, a horrible comment… and the uncontrollable desire of all things complicated. our relationships: friendships, lovers, husbands and wives, our bosses… we want to find something wrong with them. even when the day has gone smoothly, even when they ‘behaved well’, there’s something to whine, bitch and complain about. (meh, shut up and pour yourself drink!)

now, let’s see…i can hear it now. you’ll say, “the day was fine.” period. don’t add your ‘but’ in there. but what? but it could have been better? but he could have acted more courteous? but she could have dressed better? but she was too loud. but he said something incredibly insensitive…. but but but

what the hell, if they bother you so much… get the hell away from them. i know, easier said than done. maybe you should act nicer, more respectful, dress nicer, be smarter, knowledgeable… i don’t know. maybe look at yourself? huh? yes?

don’t complicate things… be easy … and relax. it’s simpler. be a lover. be in love with love. love and be loved. be in love. realistic, passionate, sexy love. be.

have your crazy, complex thoughts. get entangled in them. but make them lift you. elevate you. look at a foto of someone and trace their face, their body and know that as much as you complain that they are too far away or too close , they smother you, or talk too much or dress funny… know that the thoughts that lift you and get you high will come back to you. make them irresistibly fun and powerful and positive thoughts. because these thoughts you have will make you glow and make strong and make you shine… and make you smile and make you beautiful … make  you love.
…and who doesn’t love a glow-y, shiny  sexy love thing!?

evol for sale.

fall in love again… or at least fall in love with that idea. damnit… now, get over here, sexy thing..

hazy paradise.

(to be continued…)

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