chasing good days

when you get all negative , combative or  down and start throwing punches and kicking sand, and elbowing your way around and through the supermarket….

just get out and get some sun.
go for a walk with your ipod and do a little dance. who cares if someone is watching. they can joy if they want. or they can turn the other way.
no dancing?  ok , then…
get out and  take your camera and snap some prettyness or something bleu or melancholic… yes even the bleus will inspire  and motivate you. sometimes they give you a good (needed) kick in the butt.
or just put on your flip flops and go out by yourself. get some sun..a little walk, a hike…

then, while you’re out there ,  remember how cool you are. and how things are ok…and how you have some lovely people who kind of dig you. think of how you did that amazing thing you often do and how awesome it made you feel. think that you can do it again. and again.

then , while you’re out, or when you get back ,  have yourself a glass of wine , or piece of cake orsome ice cream or get yourself a kiss. you can treat yourself . but, you better not feel guilty. you need to treat yourself. that’s it… carp diem.

then ,when you’re sipping your wine and still doing the tango or taking selfies or  while you sip your wine, make yourself  smile. a lot.  or maybe if you’re eating ice-cream, don’t use a regular spoon, nope. use a large kitchen spoon the kind you use for stirring something in the pot. and then you can smile, again. yes, you’re that cool and happy and a big spoon shall show that. :)
“i’m happy , dammit. and i have a damn huge spoon!” or “look at me and my big spoon. how cool am I?”

then… write something about yourself and email to me. or email me your foto of you being all happy.  be creative. it’s fun. and you can (ka-pow!! or la-boom!!!) blow your own mind. you’d be surprised.
(ahem…when i say be creative , i don’t mean pour the wine in the ice cream container and make some sort of wineshake). do some brain excitation-ish things. :)

then , later on… call your friends and hangout with them and tell them how creative you got and how you’re so full of energy and your energy and good vibes will inspire them and before you know it, you’ll lead a crusade of positive thinkers. hey, you better call me.

then , when we hang out … we can share all the stuff we have in common and share the stuff we don’t have in common. and if the latter occurs, well , then we can talk about the meaning of life over a glass of wine or a burger or ice-cream.


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