I’m not fond of the words novice or newbie. (well, i don’t completely hate them but I just prefer other words!) i like the word beginner. I’m not sure that i’m a beginner at everything, but i like to look at things as if it’s the first time or as if it’s the last time i’ll see them. i like to think i do this, anyway. i like to start new things, ideas, projects…I like to be a beginner. this doesn’t mean I’m staying idle or abandoning and leaving things incomplete. i want to clarify this. And, I’m not using phrases like, “not today, i’m too busy”,Read More →

there was a man on a boat on the other side of the sea. i stood on the hill and waved at him. i wonder if he waved back at me?  Read More →

there are many miles to go. a quiet dawn. like a cozy black hole or a welcoming void. a little melancholy in the cool air. the sun is just about to rise. birds chirping and stirring near their nests. and rustling leaves on branches on trees. soft pounding on the wet pavement with its first guest a little nostalgic melody is composed.     but one day…the miles will be shorter… and, one day you’ll get wings. but until then… you just run. and, it feels good. little raindrops  Read More →

a stroll in the hollywood hills… and this view never gets old. paradise hues. there’s something about this place… something that lets you think that you are able to achieve anything… all your hopes and dreams and quirky little desires… you can do it! (even if, in reality, you won’t*)       los angeles and its paradise hues** this place… it makes you fall in love… fall to pieces… fall prey of… fall down… fall in place… and fall into a trap… but when you stumble, and you will stumble, it makes you think it forgave you and lets you pick yourself up and dust yourself off andRead More →

is it Hi ? or is it Hey ?… Gah, you ask too many questions ! too much talking… but, hello. (can you use chalk next time ? i mean, really, spray paint ?! it’s a state beach, for f@*$’& sake ! i love the bleu but keep it clean , yo !)    and (in my head, beside by graffiti rant, as i hit the button on my fone to take this foto) this : (https://youtu.be/Zx1_6F-nCaw)Read More →

when they’re bright… they deserved to be stretched….a little. the days… and sometimes when the stars are brighter than usual…but too far… we bring them down to us. and sometimes when the clouds are thick and low… you want to climb up and float…. you should float. it’s pretty awesome… edit: 7-8-15 (my math for today) i climbed down from my cloud, finally. i got hungry. i ate some clouds… they made me vomit all over the place i think it smelled like rain. /poetic throw-upRead More →

one of those days…. when i was happy my head was attached to me. sometimes i am in lala land. (i think all the world should be in Lalaland) but , even in lalaland , i always like to meet people even when my head is slightly dangling from my neck. i am not broken (completely, anyway) i like to hear about them. about you. (so, what else? tell me!) it is my shy personality that makes me want to know others. it attracts me to learn about people i like. (what are YOU doing right now? what do you want to do tomorrow?) i like whenRead More →

Nothing beats a sunset. Well, a sunrise. Or a glass of wine. Good wine. Or first coffee. Mmm the smell of first coffee. Or cloudy day (knowing that the sun will be out the next day) with someone you really like. Or comfy bed on a lazy sunday. Ok… Some things beat a sunset…but not many things.Read More →

a little unforgiving at times. the desert. but for the most part it’s up-lifting. it’s to die for. it’s where you’ll find love and truth. truly beautiful, the desert. expectations…like a carrot in front of us. when we have expectations– it brings us happiness and excitement.  it’s what keeps us floating a little. It fills us a with joy until the reward comes. maybe. That thrill of that moment when some sort of life and hope (or any reward) is still bright and vivid– that’s what gives us happiness, expectation. expectations… like the birth of a baby, a wedding, a promotion, an unexpected drive in the early morning throughRead More →

will i ever stop ? i just keep doing it. only a good road trip will help. i know it. the cure for my inconstancy in love is love for the road. i have no idea what that means. it sounded good in my head. and in my head and in my mind….i’m super woman and i can do any thing. i’ve already done every thing twice. in my head. so… road trip?! vamonos. :) our minds wander. and parts of our brains are turned off. i like that. :) i like to wander and i let my mind wander…. we just day dream… weRead More →

funny… when i hike i don’t usually socialize or stop to talk to anyone. unless , for example, a hiker’s dog comes up to me and starts being ultra friendly, then i stop to say a word or two. today was a bit different. i ran up a smaller trail – a trail that isn’t very much used. and as i ran up an young man asked if he was on the right trail to go back to the parking lot. i pointed him in the right direction… “in about 200 feet you’ll reach the bottom, and stick to the right side down then hill.Read More →

running down the hill…. it started to rain and boom!..out pops a rainbow. damn pretty. i know, i know…we’ve seen these a million other times but there is something to say about hard rain pounding your head, water drops hitting your face and running toward rainbows that is a bit like magic.  and the light out there was fairy tale like…. a bit red, a bit dark… a little windy and some huge drops of water….some clouds and bleu skies with purple and pink. what!!!? this happens every season but… BUT i love it.Read More →

¡¿ vamonos ?! get your sunscreen and your camera and your butt up and …. let’s go for a ride. :) life is a highway…, originally uploaded by ¡Laura!.   detail from the bike we found on the freeway on our way to Claudia’s party… it was some place in the valley. twas two years ago..almost. :) sweet ride. someone dropped it…poor thing…i think it belonged to a winery vineyard something … but she’s been all mine now.Read More →