(july 17, edit (thanks, ed.)) and of course…falling gracefully. :) oooh, and falling in a vineyard , into a hole, in a barrel, into a good glass of wine, into strong arms, out of love, out of…um…escrow, out of the bleu… rising… sitting… floating… tasting… View My Entire Album on Google+ a winerd getaway with the chicas. :) love my troublemaker fwends …on a saturday. (L to R) laura , wendy, deana, theresa. wine tasting in paso robles. stanger vineyards :) (L to R) theresa, wendy , laura and deana . wine tasting in paso robles. at hope family /treana vineyard Toublemaker fans :) (yesRead More →

hmmm…. i’ve got that. i’ve got soul, and spirit…so why do you hide me? invisible. sometimes that’s what we are. but our energy and zest and spirit and long arms… keep you coming back…. so why do you hide me? when we sit and talk about past events or passed lives or forgotten dreams …dreams postponed and goals not yet reached… our souls get filled…our spirits lifted…our minds start spinning and our hearts protected. then it stops. we go back to ‘real’ world. but, hey, THIS is my real world. this. right here. past present future… and speaking of presents i was born in july. Read More →

wine was good. a bit sweet but not aggressive  like an over bearing fatal fruitbomb. and not harsh like an inpatient bitch in line at the supermarket. oh…. troublemaker was just easy to drink and tasted pretty good for a friday night in the kitchen. not sure  why i enjoyed it so much….maybe it’s because my two troublemaker friends brought it over just before we went to a fashion jai ne se quoi and tried on clothes for a few hours and spent more dollars than we wanted to…more than we should have. i like it – the wine. it’s a blend of grenache syrah,Read More →

it’s a pretty good feeling when you can sit around at  table in your (dirty) kitchen and make time to paint your nails and open a bottle of wine… no worries about cleaning the kitchen. someone else can clean it up because the nails will be wet and the spirits will be floating. and how can you possibly clean in this condition? and also… this chablis is tasty for sure…with the chardonnay grapes. mmm.mm.mm.  and check out the bottle. it’s a replica of a 17th century bottle. super sexy. /wine review. salud!Read More →

some people were all like…”yeah, I like Romney’ Or, like …”uh, I like Obama…” and we were all like… “okie dokie… we vote for wine… um, let’s hang out at jackie’s ’cause we like wine… and jackson the dog… and chocolate…” but we’re voting….’cause we’re all like, ‘hey, we like our rights!” “and wine, too.” /wine review and political debateRead More →

i’d like to try it again just to be sure.  and  again. i’m not sure i liked it, originally uploaded by ¡Laura!. there’s always room for more. i love champagne. i. love. it. i have to find some great california  sparkling wine*. one that i truly enjoy. i need to do some tasting and some research soon. i’m sure there are some excellent ones out there. cali has so many fine wines… just as fine as the french ones i’ve had. some better. das right! i said it. but… back to champagne. our consumption increased something like 30% in 2011. which is great news becauseRead More →