sometimes, you may feel handicapped, and you feel you’ve chosen the wrong place. you have to remind yourself where you want to be, and you have to vocalize where you want to go. you want to visualize the road ahead. you make a plan but it’s still too vague. sometimes you look around and see brave faces, and you remind yourself you have what they have. you have your legs and your feet, your arms and your hands, your brain and your heart, your eyes and lips. you realise you’ve arrived this far, and you don’t think of quitting, but, you can’t remember why youRead More →

  behave the way you want others to behave. (kindness is always in st yle break down some walls and barriers. (big hammers are always handy) you’re pretty awesome. (i’m not just saying that!) take the stairs (elevators are…um, dunno) live a little lighter. and live a little more. take a little risk (but don’t hurt yourself or others!) the past is old so look at new things. make new things. push a little. (don’t shove, that gets you no-where)   i may or may not have said this …. but ..i repeat myself. and i contradict myself, too.Read More →