I marched because i can. i march for my girls. i marched for my mother, for my sisters, for my friends for the all the other women who i haven’t seen or met. i marched because some couldn’t march. i marched for the underprivileged woman and the privileged. it’s called solidarity. and no, i did not march to promote abortions. if you’re one of those people who believes this march was about that, then you’re not fully informed. (being pro-choice does not mean we promote abortions!) i marched for unity, gender equality, for equal rights, and woman’s rights are human rights !! i want to keepRead More →

i see this path and the not-so-manicured tree on my run… same thing always as i run the track around this area. but , there’s always something new around it somehow. or, maybe i trained my eyes to see ‘new’ things in the same landscape. there were birds. many birds flying around this morning. pretty cool. but maybe it looked different in these misty june mornings…more contrast-y. or something. and the scent of the dry grass with the misty morning… it smelled like wet dry corn husks. the kind you use to make tamales. so it made me think…”hey, i want some tamales!” too many distractionsRead More →

(Um, yes, i tripped!) I was walking by the muddy puddle. And I wondered if you wanted to jump in there with me and travel to another world. but, i remembered..i am too preoccupied trying to keep my head clear and above water to even think of traveling to another world. So, never mind. And, it made me a little sad knowing that there are so many people to know and so many places to go and I will not reach them all. and it got so overwhelming…this simple little thought made my head spin and my eyes close… So, never mind. i finished myRead More →

i think the way they took care of each other, the way he took care of her, the way she took care of him, the way she was so devoted to him and his well being until the end, the way he made sure she had a little more than what she needed or expected, the way he sometimes surprised her with random gifts, the way she made sure his food was seasoned just the way he liked it, i think this is what all couples should be. i think the way they care for each other, and  took care of their children together isRead More →

I don’t know much about a lot of things. anything, really. Funny because the older we get, the more we realise and vocalize it. Anyway…. I don’t know much about Alzheimer’s but maybe, as a mom, i can understand some of the ways i can help a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s…. I don’t know (?). Maybe  it’s the constant repeating, the on going bribing  with special treats to get them to eat, moving their hair out of their face, the praises and compliments…. like a mom does with her children….maybe this comes easy to me….i don’t know. or maybe i’ve been familiar with ‘mom’Read More →

so… my dad was diagnosed with cancer in july. on his birthday he had major surgery to remove the tennis-ball size mass that took over his abdominal area. prior to this —months prior to this , while he was still 61 years old, he was talking about early retirement or planning to retire in just 3 more years… he wasn’t sure what he was going to do…. i think my dad would have been lost if he retired. work was his life. sure his family was why he worked, but work was where he was in control. he worked most of his life if notRead More →

Sleepy time at my parents’ house. We’ve been spending more and more time here with my mom. we’re having a sleep over with the girls in the children’s room. it’s also …the  room where my dad spent the last six months of his life…. there’s a certain sadness deep within them, but somehow they feel giddy that their grandfather’s happy spirit may be lingering calling them by sweet nicknames … my mom turned on this night light for them. it’s quiet now…and my girls like that their grandfather slept here with the night light, too. what ever works for them is good with me ….Read More →

the house of love is falling apart. we have been neglecting it. our windows are dusty and stained from rain water. our doors are scratched and window sills need painting. the spiders have found it to be welcoming. well, at least that’s something, right? and the shrinky dinks that alex made when she was seven look brighter against the dirty windows. that’s gotta be something, right? we’ll bring life to the house of love. again. soon. i hope.  Read More →

weddings and funerals. that’s what this year will bring us. the loss of a person. their death… being a free spirit  in who-knows-where.  the loss of being single and free…the unity with another person…or with the higher being… i don’t like to shop. i like to browse. i don’t like looking for a particular item …i just want to check things out and if i find something i like, i’ll take it. I went with my girls to buy black dresses to wear for their grandfather’s funeral. while i like black, i don’t like it for funerals. but it is a formal event and weRead More →

my papa did not want my mom to let go of his hand. while he slept at home or at the hospital he just needed to know she was there. he was always afraid…a bit scared most of the time. he often told us that he wanted us there during hospital visits when the docs and nurses came in his room or by his side.  and he always felt a bit scared when my mother would take a trip to the store and leave him at home by “himself”. he wasn’t alone. never. we were with him. he knew that. but i think deep insideRead More →

spring time in hollywood. love is in the air. makes me smile. one more kiss and love forever., originally uploaded by ¡Laura!. oh yes… because this makes me happy. i think this is my current favorite foto. a whole lot of sweetness… for sure!Read More →

view of downtown, l.a. from hollywood sign, originally uploaded by ¡Laura!. hey, you…out there in far away land… out there..in the east… on the other side of the country!.. can you hear me? you know…it’s sunny here. :) just thought you should know and see this lovely view of downtown, l.a. from hollywood sign….come for a visit. edit: hmmm…but maybe you’re in the midwest or the deepsouth or the rockies or the southwest…or across the ocean. maybe. but, still, it’s sunny here.Read More →

i’ll send you some kind of signal. i won’t break anything or cause a fire or power outage… no, no. don’t worry, the firemen won’t show up anybody’s door (again). no… just a small quiet signal. you’ll know when it happens. when you feel a sharp pain in your lower abdomen or when your knee suddenly bends the wrong way …or when you’re being pulled by an unseen force… that’s when you’ll know. hee. or when you feel the need to laugh but can’t explain why…or when you suddenly have an urge to make a sharp left turn and ….when you want to just runRead More →

the L word. love lust later leaving… something about “see ya later. i’m outta here…” or something  about “lalalalalalalaaaa….” i guess there is only so much you can do when people around you spew endless complaints and drama. i guess you just  drink all her/his/their vomit, then, eventually you have to regurgitate it out as some fiery toxic flames… but hopefully it doesn’t hit anyone in the interim. i guess. or something like that. /teeny little rantRead More →

everyone has a story…view from chla on sunset. it took about 12 minutes for this man and his heavy shoulders to walk 3 feet south, and for our doctor to come in the room. (to be continued) foto taken in november 2009 childrens hospital,laRead More →

sometimes … well… life is funny. one day at elysian parc. the car and this gentleman seemed fully loaded. I chose this picture to bring  a daily note back to life…it’s been a long while… everything here is just my own little thoughts from my only little head. i take these fotos (unless i shared and specified others’ fotos.) and share my words. it’s just me…. so don’t take it too seriously or too personal. laura  … c’est moi.  Read More →