(it sucks to feel useless…i don’t recommend it. :) why is that…we’re smart, well rounded and well educated people with back bone and history and a bright future and a ton of accomplishments…and yet we feel useless.. Gah! i call these my “milk jar bouquet” days)Read More →

the thing about imitating and plagiarism and copying and originality… sometimes people come up with an idea and a thought and a phrase and a song… …Well, let’s face it… nothing is original. Even if you think you came up with that catchy phrase, or that awesome design, it’s been said and done before. maybe it hasn’t been posted or tweeted or hashtagged…but, some time, before all this, it was said in a loud conversation (or an intimate one) or written in a letter…or placed on a can or a bottle as a label, or somewhere else in another time or era. that’s it. nothing. really. inRead More →

  i always daydream in pure gold.   when i was in junior high at (King Jr High on fountain ave), my teacher told me to remember the element code for gold(AU) as Aye yoU, gimme back my gold! for Sodium(NA), Do you want a little more salt on that? NAh! and for Iron(FE) have faith in Iron(Wo)man, FEmale, fe faith… and rust (which is compound) is ugly. feo is spanish for ugly… so Fe2O3 ..that’s all i remember. BUT rust…well the color is pretty and not feo. and adverbs and verbs are out of order often.Read More →

(blank*) tears** you apart*** because it’s real even when, sadly, it’s too short   pulls** lifts** high*** love* life* elevators*   raspy parched smooth polished translucent oaky     tears and pulls in the elevator.   a  raspy voice says, going up.   next time, we take the stairs.   (shoes and faces. and scents and smiles. because dozens of words are visible from one floor to the next. in the elevator. in my head. )  Read More →