well, 12 grapes on the first of the year. i drank my grapes. i have to admit. damnit. champagne and wine. but, i had my whole grapes on new years day. :) that’s gotta count for something. right? i had breads and cakes and lentils and legumes and …who knows what. But, these grapes…well…they’ll help with a happy harvest (ha!) and ward away the evil spirits and bad witches, too… I love goofy traditions. really, love them. and well…i’m not superstitious…but… you know…”¡por si las moscas!”Read More →

sometimes you just have to escape and detach and separate yourself for a little while… and go free and wild and show them how very real you are and show them there’s a little more depth to you… more than they can see and feel… and have them open their eyes wide. have them wonder what you’ve done. and let them ask themselves, “how’d she do that?!” let them think you’re magical. and scandalous. let them think you have powers beyond this dimension. and maybe ruffle some feathers… …or just ruffle your own. but…sometimes you just have to be careful … …you never know what dimension you may end upRead More →

Because winter came… and the tile is cold and my legs were ash-y. (and maybe i didn’t shave my legs, ooopsies!) and well… it’s MY adailynote and i can post my fucking socks if i wanna! and, damnit,  i wanna! and i will keep them in just case the day stays cold and my pants and boots aren’t warm enough… all day in long socks… ¡por si las moscas! :)Read More →

Here, in L.A, many of the people I hang with and know are from somewhere else. I like when i meet and hang with non-angelenos. but an angeleno has a special place in my heart. always has. always and forever. no matter where i am. still, i love love the passer-bys. The problem is that when you’re from somewhere else and you don’t make roots, you don’t really fully commit yourself to anyone or anything. not to the area nor the people. nothing. you’ve got one foot out the door. i think. maybe? i like to visit places and explore. (who doesn’t!?) I want to do that allRead More →

I’ve been taking my girls to the beach this summer. Funny, we mostly go in autumn or winter, but Summertime at the beach during the week is pretty spectacular. We leave the house a little after mid-day and spend the later part of the day on the sand and they spend it in and out of the water. (my check list to them: bring an extra towel, snacks… and take a sweater!) typically , when the sun goes down, in southern california (malibu) it gets a little cool. sweater temperature. I always bring a light sweater or long sleeve flannel for the evening. in theRead More →

(yes, i know… that’s such a goofy title…but aren’t they all?) so… had some lentils for new year’s day. not too superstitious but it’s a “good luck” food…. and well i always make some, eat some… just in case! BUT if bad luck strikes me than … hmmm…bring it on. uh oh! food poison? nooo! there are other good foods for good fortune, but since i’m not crazy about grapes and was not in the mood for black eye peas… and i had my share of pomegranates …i thought lentil soup with sausage in an 80°F winter day sounded perfect. uh, yes. here’s to aRead More →

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia … -Charles Schultz but just in case it’s coming to an end… go greet someone with a warm hello. you know,  just in case. but…. really… it isn’t ending anytime soon… so don’t worry. hmmm… well……. you never know, but i doubt it. well…. ¡por si las moscas!Read More →

in my purse or in the car… 1. sometimes i get so stressed i can’t breath. or if i go for an unexpected run and the asthma hits me and i need a quick fix…i carry my inhaler…just in case. 2. if i need to make a call, or the kids need me while i’m out,  i have my fone.  always… just in case. 3. if there’s nothing good on the radio and npr (which i dig) is not entertaining enough, i carry my ipod… just in case. (actually, mine was stolen so now i carry my daughter’s nano) 4 if my lips are feelingRead More →