they say, when you’re crazy, you can get along with everyone. well, i should rephrase…they say, everyone lets you be ‘you’. so, when you’ve lost your mind and you’re crazy and completely lost,  in your head, you are an ultra social butterfly that gets along and plays well with others. never mind, that, they…others just let you do what you want and let you socialize with whom you want because, well,  you’re crazy.    Read More →

today’s morning run (5) i knew i would trip sometime (7) i hope no one saw (5)       (i hate being limited. gah! grrrr)     but i can fall…through (5) a door. or a window. and (7) stumble and maybe (5)(warning: limitless haiku…) land at your kitchen table (5) and have some coffee.(7) (it’s like a double treat haiku. that’s a tuesday! full of treats!) instead of mourning (5) the sunless cool foggy day (7) we can dream and play. (5) (haikus can rhyme too. yay!) tuesday would be best (5) if you’re on this run with me (7) wake up. (-3, too much counting and order required.Read More →

September… I think i will admit, if i haven’t already, that it’s my favorite month. balmy summer nights still linger. the scent of autumn almost pushes summer away… and then the moods. i love the moods around me… it’s yes or no. then, yes and no. indecisiveness from everyone. bleu-sy feelings. tender words stricken down with cold stares. mean notes and love poems. arms that won’t hug you one minute and the next minute they’re all over you. so confusing. so complicated, people are. ay! we all seem to be lost in transition between summer light and dark-short days approaching… or maybe it’s just me.Read More →

there would be better days…more peaceful days.. bliss and  harmony… if we didn’t care who got credit for this and that and what-not. maybe. i don’t know. but… then , what’s the point of living?  just to live? isn’t it to be vibrant and alive.. and full of life and ideas and this and that and what-not?  I’m pretty certain it is. yes. well… actually, i’m not certain of anything. i just write stuff that is kind of lame and too basic to speak. all i know is that … when we have days like these… everything is alright. i don’t mind the kids takingRead More →

when it rains…it pours. then, it rains…again. i don’t like gas stations or buying gas or putting gas in the car…oh well. took these fotos a couple years ago on different days. 1) bw-“gas station bleus”. buying gas. :( gah.. 2) color-“paraguas”. ran out of gas… sitting in my car.Read More →

found this mood ring while cleaning the garage and patio last january… which is when i snapped this foto. good to know i’m consistent. last year (about this time of year) i was in a trashing mood and ready for some purging and serious clean-up. most of us think the same way. it’s called spring cleaning. get rid of the things that cause you stress, that do not motivate you or inspire you, that are absolutely useless to you, that can cause you nothing but anxiety, or worse… that will simply make you ill. get rid of all which brings you no desire to beRead More →