first we were in shock…then sad, then pissed off… it makes me so upset to know that this man was elected to be our next president… then i read this… i’m just happy i live here and knowing that the majority of the people that are in my life are not blinded by bigotry and hate. Joint Statement from California Legislative Leaders on Result of Presidential Election edit Wednesday, November 09, 2016 SACRAMENTO – California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) and California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Paramount) released the following statement on the results of the President election: Today, we woke upRead More →

we’ve been growing an orange tree. we went to an earth day celebration several years ago and we got fruit trees that day. i wanted an orange tree. it was a baby. an itty bitty branch with tender stems of pure citrus, untouched by chemicals. and, that season it gave us a few oranges. blood oranges. it’s been several years since that. about 10, actually. and, now, it has dozens of oranges. pale, they look like large lemons. they’re not blood oranges anymore. pollination? i don’t know what happened. but it’s my baby. i love it. its scent of happiness, well,  it’s better than christmas magic. thereRead More →

the other night’s tea was for Alex. she needed tea. and we were anxious to see what yogi-tea had to say… we wanted ‘cheese’ with our tea. and, i thought. um, this is perfect cheese! reflections. … and i sang… “that’s why i want you to know…i’m starting with the man in the mirror…” (you know, michael jackson’s the man in the mirror …) i guess… our life is a mirror and it perpetually reflects back (to us) what we are projecting… it’s karma. what ever you throw out there you will receive back. everything and everyone is your mirror. Maybe. I mean… really? well, i guess, when weRead More →

Because dreams come with a price…. So, better to stick with hopes sans the dreams. /terrible advise Don’t want to discourage you… So… Let me start again. So,  if you hope,  you have something… and something is better than nothing. Having hope is encouraging. /nonsensical advise Hope will only poke a needle in your heart…reminding you of your anguish. Stay away from it. It’s more costly than the price of dreams. /smothering advise Wait.  I think I got this… Have dreams for breakfast and hopes for le quatre heures. You’ll be satisfied and full enough. (BUT…Skip both at dinner.) And… if you need to crossRead More →

Friday the 13th and mistress day… so… be extra extra cautious out there. ;) SO… be careful with black cats (or any other cats if you have allergies!) the horseshoe above the front door. just because… when you’re a girl and they tell you to hang a horseshoe over the door, doesn’t mean that you can marry the first unmarried man who walks under it. it mean you can also marry or hang out with the married man , too. (not really- just funny- jeeeze!- where’s your sense of humor, husband!) also… they may fall on you and hurt you. the horseshoe. not the men.Read More →

the confessional. the door is  open. but i will charge you. i accept payment in valuable information, only. and i keep it in a jar. i won’t use it against you (or me!). but , you should know, i never forget. yes, i have a difficult time remembering trivial information. games, rules, song titles… but mostly i remember words i heard , i read, i like , i dislike, expressions on faces and on paper. so, i remember. it’s not pretty. it’s actually brutal. there are times i don’t want to remember. i don’t want to think of or remember the number of times you repeatedRead More →

well, sometimes you crawl, you beg, you hitchhike… but, ok. i guess it can be the best journey..i mean if it means it’ll get you ‘home’ and all that. doesn’t matter that you got mugged, suffered amnesia, endured frostbite… begged a little more, had to prostitute yourself or your child… the important thing is that you’re home and soup is ready. i want to hear all about this best journey that finally brought you home. :) another de-motivational babbblebabbble.Read More →

oh nooooes! i broke a mirror. what does this all mean!? seven years bad luck? should i throw some salt over my left shoulder? wait. or is my right one? should i kill a rabbit? get his foot? should i carry a #7 or look for a four-leaf clover? go buy a maneki-neko? I don’t know! should i take out an old dream catcher or make new one? or wear a horseshoe? If “luck is believing you’re lucky? ” then bad luck is believing you’re what? edit: me: claudia, i broke a mirror. not good. claudia: how did you break it? me: i don’t know.. instant karma. i was beingRead More →

fortune cookie funnies… oh nooooes…i have forgotten all of my sins! well, i have not. actually, i am remembering a few good ones right now. funny…because most of the time i think of good things when I’m on the front porch smoking my cigarette or drinking my wine. sometimes …i remember the good bad stuff  (or bad god stuff) when i’m lying on my bed on my comfy pillow. I even make up my own cookie messages: “today, you might miss some things. but don’t miss a good thing. not even when it’s gone.” huh? what? hmm… these were fortunes in one evening’s dinner!  funRead More →

karma…bad juju..superstitions…beliefs.. aye! who can keep up. i love all this stuff, tho. coincidence and serendipity … i love all that. i will alway pick up a penny or a pin…or go around a ladder. never , ever under it… its ‘s annoying…how superstitious i can be.  friday the 13 –  bad luck all day long. ALL DAY! stay home. really. it may be safer if you stay home. but if you went out and survived today, then , consider yourself lucky.   umbrella in the house–  if you opened the umbrella in the house..BOOM! you’re in for a shower of bad luck. sorry! cross your fingers! –Read More →

i have a thing for some frivolous stuff. only for some things, though. I’m really not that frivolous. but…. when i see a ring that truly attracts me , i can’t let it. I can’t put it down. once , i was at a farmers market/antique market in the IE (inland empire) and i saw a silver ring with a turquoise gem. the ring was too big but i held on to it while i perused other jewelry the vendor had. as i looked around, i wore that silver ring on my thumb. the vendor asked me if i was looking for anything in particular.Read More →

today was mellow and cold. put on long and warm sweater with pockets. put on my turtle neck. hung my camera around my neck. we were out the door and drove to see alex play with the jr high jazz band. we entered the gates to the pard and i had twenty dollars in one pocket and my cell in the other. ‘no entrance fee, they told us. so i had no need to take my twenty out of my pocket. i took fotos of alex and a small video. then i put my hands in my pocket. it was cold out there. as iRead More →

today…. it will be a long day. so,  i’ll start with no nonsense. but if i stumble upon some, then i’ll shake it off  and kick whom ever gets in my way to the curb. :) i have no time or energy for waste, to waste. and this day…as heavy as it is…has a ton of good stuff to offer.  has lots and ounces of hopes and goodness and when i’m done…. then, i’m done. but i’ll start with a big cup of coffee. (and a little half and half….shhhh) it has a good scent….my coffee. and you? how will you start your day ?Read More →

so i had a dream… weird. dozens of white mice and white rabbits. under my pillow. under the cushions, in the forest under a wooden plank. every place i sat or every place i rested these furry little things came out from underneath. they were not scary or creepy. all i worried about was making sure i did not crush them as i sat down… strange. but what does it mean? what does it all mean. ha. fertility? in need of some serious intimacy? or does is mean the girls have been bugging me for a rabbit? and i want a mouse for this hereRead More →

your birthday is coming up… here you go. Gemini (The Twins) You’re neither here or there and when you are you wear a mask ! who are you (today) ? and who’s your twin? May 21 – June 21 ruler: Mercury, the hawt planet of eccentricity lucky day: Sundays and some time in October when your twin celebrates his/her own birthday. 
lucky material: agate, fotopaper and zigzags lucky numbers: 2 6 7 in brief: You run around in circles. you constantly ask yourself: should I? Should I go to that party? Is it worth it? AND your other face answers: ‘don’t talk to strangers… betterRead More →

your birthday is coming up… here you go. Taurus (The  Bull) You’re not that popular.. you just have good booze! April 21 – May 20 ruler: Venus, the sexy planet lucky day: Fridays and Wednesdays 
lucky material: emerald, brassy stuff, recycled paper. lucky numbers: 4 in brief: Somewhat like the Aries. Competitive, quick-hot-tempered.  You’re a bit of a bully. Okay, not just a bit. You ARE a bully. Even Aries is a bit afraid of you. A bit. who you are: Stubborn little bully. You shove your way to our hearts… You look for the people who are less smart than you. Doesn’t take much…Read More →

your birthday is coming up… here you go. Aries (The  Ram) At ease, soldier! please don’t shove me…I’m not looking for a fight. Battle ram…that’s who you are. March 21 – April 20 ruler: Mars, Aggressively red planet of war. lucky day: Mostly Sundays but sometimes Tuesdays (trust me on this) lucky material: Diamonds, Glass. in brief: Competitive, quick-hot-tempered. Aggressive, attention hog. Don’t look now, but that’s a chip on your shoulder. aries… always looking for a fight! who you are: Must you always be combative?  Accusatory? Jeeze.. you are always looking to dominate, humiliate, and beat up anyone who get’s in your way ofRead More →

your birthday is coming up… here you go. Pisces (The fish) hmm a bit fishy! for sure. sneaky little slippery thing. that’s what you are. February 19 – March 20 ruler: Neptune, God of the Sea. lucky day: Thursday,and sometimes Saturday (trust me on this) lucky material: aquamarine. in brief: Oversensitive, Confused, Indecisive, Irrational, Deceiver, Obsessive, Compassionate, Imaginative, Romantic. NEEDY! who you are: Oh Pisces… what can i say? UGG! Irrational Pisces are as slippery as the fish sign that sign symbolises  you. they use double-speak, are wishy washy…and can never give you a straight answer even if they could, they would not! It would be to un-natural of them.Read More →